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How to tie a lead to the main scaffold (Fishing knot)  See details »

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  • 00:00: and so all the greetings today show how tie the leash to the main line that is, let's say this rope main line boss Here is the rope Well, let the leash the hook is already there with this meter there is now a leash 8 itself in this fishing line rope that is me let's say in this you need to place tie a leash take like this throws gave his look begin
  • 00:30: this is the place dodging 67 times Well, let's have wrapped Now we have such feature then turns You see here this loop there after unlock the deadbolt easily the tip leash that is here stuck tip occasion someone then it all then moistened and contractible it is pulled too
  • 01:03: ie delayed It turns his eyes at us see him there with the main line is I I will then tied leash that is can Only the very tip shove it seems somehow bend But for even shorter yank the leash because how tightly the sitting there is already a node is not necessary nothing that is here so it is possible for five
  • 01:33: seconds quickly bind leash and ie short is not nothing there for the line is already wasting that is, with a hook ie not tied cells adhered to Rome hochug immediately and that life is not worry about the line something that is not enough there I throw off the node that is the special tip and delaying this little thing that turns out You can have themselves try this land that which does not
  • 02:03: although untied then sharply passa passa inside covered with as you can see all ok let's all this until all