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Tackle \"Head\" with a secret. My fishing.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today in my video I want talk about tackles bald and how quickly to make this tackle very versatile and to catch it on March and summer and winter servants from the boat also with coast to it like any fish experience as a crucian fee but that is, any fish that is present in it has the same reservoir wedge and pike and zander for the manufacture of data gear to us any
  • 00:30: weights two hooks sewed well and fishing line even today I will show how to make a bald from take secret Gruzik and do it in it hole here in this place blue is very soft
  • 01:03: material so that even a needle with pliers can be do whoever does not have villages you need to do this hole found the hole at us done now take the file and clean up he's a loader so that there is not agnails to prevent
  • 01:33: our line was torn chur here's a tackle practically with us I will be ready today to make a bald ordinary without all messina now Let's take a line dress the hook with
  • 02:03: one side Latin dress sinker that's how it works with the other side do hook here it turned out
  • 02:42: tackle now I do it drink from about platoon here double make biting Do not forget
  • 03:12: damp and tighten it by hut feel Our noodle is prepared well, and now tell he is a secret as a rule when catching on the bald I use fluorocarboxylic leash buckle clasp and catch
  • 03:44: better as on pond is more convenient change gear here like this fluorocarboxylic leash is obtained and she baldar ie you can change the different attachments here snap figure carbon lead before you tie to the main line take our main we put a fishing line on the line our main window the line is like this then it turns out
  • 04:17: after when separated main line with We raise the ax bead it turns out with with an ax bead and now we put on the hook hook must be
  • 04:50: like this so that he does not not looked up the point now put on another one with an ax and we it turns out this design and here we tie our isra carbon about Do not forget
  • 05:30: damp cut off the thread of the princesses lion and that's what we have here it turned out that is our baida clasp 2 to the cold head and then we do here so here we have is obtained after yesterday carbon leash
  • 06:00: we have 100 thresholds then a hook with bead we are it push it somewhere approximately possible in different ways somewhere up to centimeters to 5 here and that is the credo on we will catch on the bald we start at centimeters 20 sharply a fishing tackle up a bald hits the bottom and the same thing with us
  • 06:33: will fly up here this hook but due to the bead he will fall down and the fish will also be peck not only at baldu but also to this hook here is a secret it so i its I'm bleeding herbs I'm a fish
  • 07:03: here she is and the fish with plaster and ticks
  • 08:02: perch you can not such a beautiful little thing but female green with beads because of fear, you do not fool
  • 08:33: to roll here is the first fish on eggs famous for perch chic and this eggs are made with
  • 09:30: bullet with small-caliber rifles see the bullet and did holes and in fries. today we led
  • 10:01: small shells tomorrow we can go on the pike our today's we will finish our fishing thank you all for Attention subscribe to my channel goodbye