Aleksandr Panitskov

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  • 00:00: for clarity, I took this big hook white samara rope he was fine you can see well let us proceed this way forward imagine that this wicker pile two we lower the gun or hook up
  • 00:33: mug we make such a loop p it's hard to see here missed make a noose here that's We got probably seen
  • 01:03: here in this little loop I miss this the hook itself do not forget the node is wetted usually fishing survey people and slowly delays Well, let's start
  • 01:35: we take with dollar add in the knot we put it in the eye click to let it be you just want to attached do loop just doing a loop this very soon the second time I wrap so it turned out design
  • 02:07: here in this little the five are inserted hook love the circle and neatly neatly forget to wet cherry of course aesthetically we will not be beautiful but it turned believe it is necessary and because I love . OK now we will be with you
  • 02:41: knit a knot a triple sex more so let's I'll start you will show by example on strong lines because letting me is not present now and hooks so let's start crocheting as usual valamar image finish Push the fly backward
  • 03:15: forms us here so the loop looks so now here we take and do we are in the ordinary palamar and just tied up tying a knot and loop of the crochet here all this do we do three turnover times two three Now we do take
  • 03:49: and knit a nodule like an ordinary palamarian and and the resulting loop on the loaf hook urge resulting loop all now we are all this business wet and
  • 04:20: tighten