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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, and today I'll show you fishing knot for all occasions Many of you have probably already looked 40 video where people show how to tie that one or the other node Well ask yourself the question you are fishing going to walk or drive somewhere in the international competition for knotability I think all the people go to they go fishing for the competition sites so how
  • 00:30: how much do you think a normal fisherman it is necessary to know the knots I'll tell you one but A maximum of two or three for fishing it will be quite enough, even with means of the node that I will now I show you will be able to bind all that whatever your fishing line and fishing line from the show but I have here a lace to better
  • 01:09: It could be seen instead of the fishing line in place of the hook We will be here in the ear of scissors that we need To snap hook no matter where the hook will have guns with scapula is not important, we must take our fishing line folded so here twice put on the hook to keep our here
  • 01:39: our finger loop and here and so around the hook wrap four times, you see four times I turned away even 3 would be enough but who loves ponadezhnee although the reliability of this unlikely Whether you can cheat even change
  • 02:09: eight times and then thread the end of our our loop here about actually holding on to but do not forget the end of the line wet saliva and tighten our unit all hook tied say again smacks be sure to spit when we tighten the fishing line is not basking she did not
  • 02:39: getting weaker all the assembly that ear hook that we have to shovel the same will hold well when drying you can still thread the first through the eye of a then here's the whole tie the difference on to the example we have tie bird feeder that's really what we need in the trough pushes the line gun
  • 03:13: Now we do the same loop and the tip there is wound four times 4 someone malama shakes eight times is passed in a loop and do not forget to tighten too wet saliva all knot is not really strong in
  • 03:46: what else the usefulness of such a node can see the fishing line from site goes nowhere not go too breaketh somehow there all of the loops it goes smoothly and that if there is even live in our fishing line
  • 04:18: some case it usually breaks on the node to node She then almost never breaks so that some are afraid that here fishing line eager to host usually whichever Now knit unit on this site hardly ever fishing line does not tear is shed near somewhere further understand how hook and as a feeder must bind us
  • 04:51: Example 2 fishing line but then I have not found one lace is I had gum that we do take two the end of the fishing line do a loop on one we put the fishing line to the other take the tip of the fishing line is wound wallpaper too 3rd 4 times best
  • 05:27: but to whom little is usually shakes 8 tighten well not to take the second end to delay the other end of the fishing line in the same way we do loop wrapped around the two woods is passed in a loop pancake released
  • 05:59: matt and threaded in a loop Tighten all here and so are bound 2 fishing line cut off the tips of the left
  • 06:29: neat knot that never you have not bloom will not be stretched keep that's all one unit turned on all occasions, and there is more of a sage to know what sites burned well in principle, no meaning if it is not your hobby knit components for a typical fishing this
  • 07:02: enough until all the luck