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As it is correct to tie a vertlyuzhok (carbine) to a cord or a scaffold  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Dear Friends you online magazine on hook and our today's edition dedicated to one small question how to tie properly tie swivel cells we Let us examine just one a way that It allows snap it really reliable and I think this method best start when the fishing line is passed
  • 00:34: by cord eyelet the rifle is well seen hope and do here this loop see so now such a loop and now 6 speed around here the main line and setting the stage for it to loop 1 support
  • 01:07: fingers to make it Better to keep 2 3 4 5 6 Now there are 6 speed look how they have Now look here
  • 01:37: so crumpled yes so let's pull up a wee bit here they are 6 speed see everything Now here is the important when we go already 7 we do supposedly and turnover but it will only around the main line so he
  • 02:07: and on this side of the We introduce yourself in the gun that we have turned loop check attentively and especially not in a hurry tightening that's what It should get in You like that bent seen here and now yes simply drag direction from itself
  • 02:40: this way helping slightly delayed hence it is important when you using the line it does not matter that the cord It was during longer as if the field conditions in this place place the cord tightening it is a bundle necessarily need moisten what it to do so that our line was not frays during Now this tightening and maintained its Tensile properties before you today
  • 03:11: The best way swivel snap to or to the main line flood and matter believe that this way to help you keep the catch on thanks for the hook attention to you was Victor and fishing online magazine on hook up the new meetings