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Como fazer Faixa de renda com flor de renda e cetim Aula 14  See details »

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  • 00:00: linux I'll be showing you today how to do it. a strip of lace with lace flower these assets and you're doing this is me I'll need 12 petals of 12 flowers. I'm sorry, 12 flowers of this one of six stones.
  • 00:33: even this one this motto was the same They did have an aluminum plate I drew carbon and cut myself then you're going to need a mold yes six stones right there I put so on income and then short so when I want to cut many petals I already cut it, I give it a pinch here. Look at when you will hold mine.
  • 01:04: income gets to work best so there is no permanent shape that goes insured in the first part of the income is because I already cut flowers in the similar with this template it still has
  • 01:35: permanent glue on it I give an insured person with I can cut several near by the same right time here has my my income the mold and now I can have the transtejo and cut so I'm going to need 12 little flowers goes down right
  • 02:05: I can not turn her around either. an insured sun with fletiu Of course you may be cutting
  • 03:10: smaller income to put in the mold I already had this piece and I decided put the show is certain bridge that is enough and here I have my net I
  • 03:45: decided to cut like this until it will have 12 keys you already have no stop and will cut 6 satin physicists the size is the one I did with the cat the refrigerant that tin circus measures three centimeters song
  • 04:19: need their 100 circuses then you will do ok put climate good O in the way that you know the size of six centimeters and God, this philosophy we're going to make
  • 05:10: so you can make her that way without the francia but I found it better to do now is different flimsy tip as if you have it here oh well fast just to give one a close and I will need six to circus
  • 05:46: need for a felt ring do the finishing This one is 5 cm and I'm going to use one make a range of three to six months so I'm going to use 38 centimeters in income right and I 'm going to do it, I'll go catch a flower said so with the turn
  • 06:22: I'll get up and I'll get another one. put here mismatched mismatched side upside down do it like that and I will not give a tire of hot glue here on her I hold this will be my first close
  • 07:03: the same thing to do with the rest of the other five stones the mismatch double here aspects found
  • 08:08: I'll do it So make a glue order with a tip just to hold did not do it
  • 09:29: speaks doing just right I will do so
  • 10:24: I put the fold here and put the continuous hot glue now here in the middle I fold a little here How do you sleep here?
  • 10:54: also easy with 16 tries 1
  • 11:56: one more now I'll do the same assembly I took a square piece of your
  • 12:28: and I'll do the assembly of the mine went up to her take a peta puts this part of the opening up there the sense of voting I go do always in the same sense the parts and
  • 12:58: I'm going to pick it up here against the slight mind. I'll put her on the bridge. watching is getting almost in the middle on the scene almost in the middle field Okay, until my source of income.
  • 14:34: now I go in rooms and tim already in the opposite direction here and I'm going put on it you are cold
  • 16:35: with 1 walked although being a botom effect was the same
  • 17:07: that I did It's mine, it's ready, I'm going now.
  • 17:43: I'm going to put a track here. also Basque lowered her glue
  • 18:23: hot the last track
  • 19:19: O
  • 20:15: here comes another circle of iron is forget to talk to you when it's time to you finish the meeting if kitchen cuts two circle the total case in it and now I'm going to get involved ok, ok I'll pay
  • 20:58: you with that I cut the circus because I was not going to
  • 21:28: do with the track but I just wanted to show how you put it on the track you read there comes another circle that will make finishing here o whatever leftovers you can pack stay the same
  • 21:58: I 'm going to vote for something to go see how you 're going to keep this business here with your name here is the right track remembering to finish for himself
  • 22:31: because I was only going to show it on my own, I just wanting to show how it puts in the band certain Hmm the absurd retouching river
  • 23:21: Yes How will you be as an example? a frustrated one of us alone there as if And I like it if you're home.
  • 24:55: available this peninha I had to decide to put it there. You put in the charm my year. I had never used this pen to work only losing window here but never had worked with her kick but finally there I bought it's week she was here look I saw that it was you decide
  • 25:27: put make I think with the cold glue is better the volleyball with which the company The cold school sticks so fast, you can you
  • 25:58: google faces everything that is side fruit a shot finishes and I liked it right
  • 26:30: beautiful here is our fachin or flower of lace and satin and this is where I do not I know the names of these pn luma against a right the full of lace with little flower satin and class, did you like unmik you? share if you want to give a
  • 27:05: you want to make a guess you can comment and subscribe to the channel because I'm going to be always showing something here to You're good, it 's more personal.