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  • 00:00: Let's go to the video, right here, good. Carnival is coming, people are asking That Bruno is great but ribbons Brilliant arrived from paris I'll get a 45-centimeter tape late afternoon gorgorão that of 38 millimeters I'm going to pass liquid silicone glue on all she vanessa after not doing problem does not stain another simple and fast basic piece of
  • 00:30: that you're wanting to make money so quickly a simple piece I lived're very new band and how has Carnival glow also calls for brilliance ok it makes a liquid silicone glue comes with my daughter had lurex late 38 also for those who do not have of 38 may be working with one with two and rolling side by side to thrash under the goal during the glue
  • 01:03: of each silicone for those already in the practice hard only one part photos or Save this one from here after it's colada that will be a quick video and then It's going to roll in the middle of it. fold a month and cut it to so then we now take a lighter to splitting the ends make that goal gives she
  • 01:35: ready to be the tips now I 'm going to make janaína. I 'm going to two pieces in the middle before the glue sec working with kite lines and going do this here, they're going to do the sewing it's a simple loop it 's fast not There's no mystery on your side. anyone can even make a child people the other scheme also centralizes the
  • 02:06: ask I'm not did nothing for carnival not but it's a tie bright then if it is shined in the world also serves for the carnival not to mention that it has other colors too of them in red and green and pink That's when you have to give your girlfriend. acclaim the wand store comprises Paris paris venditas alias is for see oq otten good good here o I give a Pull up because I'm going to come back
  • 02:38: years pulling my line of kites that it's wonderful all in the end done it will cut here we go yes right to peta that she is still wet because she will she will stay It's going to be that tie desmilinguir of the ugly
  • 03:09: this time now we get a mico duck ducks foot duck 5 and mail laps back here It's almost ready to form even the smallest tape that to leave the sea should Wednesday here is a little girl hot
  • 03:43: let it dry a little gives a calm ride terai poison experience Here I am waiting to dry a little come and do this come back keep the good phase until illness to be well motorcycle insurance tried to put in the market and I finish it here finishing shot the
  • 04:18: excess of left leg and if no one made a finish do not need to vote for your trained right here in front and I finish new organ more the meleca Why do we have to pack because otherwise it will be iphone bosom to be caricato brought and this is not what the
  • 04:48: people want 16 in patients is good here is a suggestion to focus on this mackerel here is a suggestion of the carnival people you can be picking up it's rhinestone square america silver because the piece is silver for combine to understand and get more gay still understand something gay is going stay when flame strikes more fan carnival are these people already in the draws attention that will not put me away
  • 05:19: so a wrong zoom in the head of the child understand it is the carnival People have to think about this they are be a piece that draws attention began to appear Okay, let's get it and make it more. an idea that is reaching this bond which were 91 roriz I hope you can do it too. the same in the carnival is good to remember that in other colors I've made a video of this celestial patient with this visit however a different room if you make a sale of relatives
  • 05:50: she sells these tapes lines here tá well you may be making the things with it also gives to do it if the title understands the same scheme the collage the reason for the seats with a armed piece then here's another one tip no longer liked pretty girl who rules by liking the new kitchen who not like we can also discuss No problem, no. Ok, kiss and I'll see if we have any little thing to you