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  • 00:00: summer top loin Knitting Mom us this is the third channel part of the tutorial video we we will continue knit in front and back but circular rows on the screen, you You see all five of the tutorial video by clicking on any of the pictures you get to appropriate video lessons and so on the second part, we tied rotary rows in front and back now we will connect it all ring easy threading
  • 00:30: loop front e.g. through the top of the rear pillar and we get that we have put together and we formed Prime's Now the beginning of each circular series we we will provyazyvat side seam, we will
  • 01:00: provyazyvat beams columns with one apex 3 column Central column in we will be replaced two in the air each row then we connect the next column sirloin grid ie provyazyvaem a post with sc and end of the series we attach another column to the same
  • 01:31: beam on knit All of the usual our gaze that is, Now we knit series sirloin grid column with 1 sc Air pattern we we continue to knit also it has three rows sirloin grid and then We will have three too number of sirloin grid we all provyazyvaem number as we go through
  • 02:01: We did in the first two lessons of our corners such area front of us passed continuing pattern sirloin grid and We reach the next a place where we need Make the side seam that is, we need to connect with others side and front back we provyazyvaem first of three pillars that We will connect the beam
  • 02:31: it provyazyvaem over penultimate column loin grid second beam column we provyazyvaem in the third air and we work hard to the third air or up the column from sc that you Although this will place they call him later just We inject already top the upper loop
  • 03:01: and the second column parts stamp e.g. back simply inject until and drags main thread through these two Injecting ie Thus, we joined first last bollards pulled one loop and grab the thread and provyazyvaem only two loops on the hook then so we have tied
  • 03:33: second beam column and the third column. provyazyvaem the next column sirloin grid provyazyvaem all loops on the hook So we tied beam three pillars with sc one apex 1 Air and then just provyazyvaem row sirloin grid to next ugolochke
  • 04:04: provyazyvaem area and We arrive at the beginning of our knitting where we had two air lift if you post compound of the first row not sirloin grid and solid in the Basically we are now will continue provyazyvat a number so you can compound conduct and with him basically analogy too
  • 04:34: So we dovyazyvaem number until the end and see that us some loop we need to connect this pile to Get 3 column one vertex here the last column sirloin grid is necessary that is attached provyazyvaem here at our eyes one more 1 air and this is I would also have to us join us provyazyvaem only
  • 05:05: two loops on the hook of the bar then injected vershinku here these have There were two air apex column with injected sc smuggles thread and then only provyazyvaem last two loops on the hook so we have put together beam recruit 2 air lift knit the next row he again we will next sirloin grid because we have three a number so you need two air again
  • 05:38: bound Again we see that we are now at the apex of the beam from column 3 provyazyvaem post with sc in next loop loin Grid end of the series we rejoin here this column here our bundle one air and we continue to knit usually a number of sirloin
  • 06:08: grid We pass through the area and come to the second side seam is probably one of the most difficult parts tutorial videos for all topu but when you You will begin to knit in principle, it is clear scheme itself as a
  • 06:38: provyazyvat these side seams here we Top is already connected Here's the ring little corners before and back we knitted First of two parts here and continue with sides we will bundles of three columns with sc to be pull the side seam
  • 07:09: in the beginning of the series a bit complicated provyazyvaetsya this But with a bunch of columns two air accession Only 1 column and in end of the row joining 2 column But once again and begin to knit It will be appreciated that how to come down here to the side seam, 2 here one our pencil
  • 07:41: top and we need Now these two extremes column is now connect again to that our pile Now connect the three here these points provyazyvaem 3 column one apex knit one air according to the pattern provyazyvaem first column unfinished column with sc the top of our our troechki
  • 08:11: column incomplete and the third column attachable unfinished column and provyazyvaem all loops on hook happened three column with a sc one vertex provyazyvaem one air and more just our pattern sirloin grid column alternation and air loops and so we reach again We go through
  • 08:42: little corner and reach the the beginning of our series we come to the two air recovery how little corners provyazyvat you already We must learn by first two lesson Now here we will come and join this Now this bundle column We reached the end of the series
  • 09:15: Now this column will be attached as we again were binding 2 only loops on the hook provyazyvaem then threaded hook column from the top sc pull and thread, and that thread provyazyvaem the remaining loops the hook can be we do seem complicated but we hide ugly
  • 09:46: So the next seam a number of us are continuous exhibition without knit sc side seam scored three air and provyazyvaem column since this is the first sc comer column sirloin grid knit Now we were binding in each loop of
  • 10:18: columns with sc by air over a column here air over column We go through all corners as we learned write the first two lessons and get to 2 again, the side seam we need to connect
  • 10:50: columns with sc knit last column of air and begin knit our pencil first column knit second column knit over previous beam row and the third column all pending bars provyazyvaem with one vertex then again We continue our pattern
  • 11:20: under an air column with sc over water column air over column So again pass little corner and reach the the beginning of a series of two air and knit there is a third column our beam dovyazyvaem number and
  • 11:51: Now this one column, we need to have Join our pile provyazyvaem Hello tabs on hook on I stick the hook over a column with sc from this bundle and immediately stretch and 2 loops recruit 2 air knit next row Now we will have a number of sirloin grid and we
  • 12:22: We will knit it on continuous therefore it is necessary be careful here Our previous beam a series over the air which column provyazyvaetsya we it is not always pay attention and just select column that was over column provyazyvalas and over and it provyazyvaem column with sc Now one air
  • 12:56: skip the bar which over the air following provyazyvaem column without sc 1 Eastern skip the bar ie, without sc knit normal number sirloin grid over continuous row again provyazyvaem
  • 13:26: our little corners and reaches next side seam again highlight our tube beam is passed bar that He was cut over air distinguish column over column it is knit into it 1 unfinished column 2 unfinished
  • 13:57: It fits over the bar previous beam a number 3 again skip the bar over the air knit and knit it is to give to the bar that provyazyvalas and above join column all one vertex
  • 14:27: now so further 1 Air and knitting bars loin grid paying attention that never again not knit a column of the column that provyazyvala over air We reach the end of the series Again select the top three previous row
  • 14:59: column of air and select column which over a column Now we need it over it is necessary to link bar that joins to the beam here we can still knit one column with 1 sc Air and now We will knit a column which the joins to the beam it normally
  • 15:29: provyazyvaem only two loops I stick a hook over column with sc and pull out the thread provyazyvaem second two loops all join two air start following a series of well so even when on sirloin grid over loins we have knitting that is, we provyazyvaem column
  • 16:01: over a column sirloin grid at the end of a series of 3 bar join this pack and a knit row typically the fillet grid see what we get here before and the rest are connected we already have a circle
  • 16:32: Prime's here will be little to reduce it if need be Here is the seam where we have two air lift It was it is an average number from my little corner the second seam and here is my
  • 17:04: real T-shirt This seam is two air lift the beginning of a series of side But the second seam side seam enough they pretty neat and it looks the average on the shelf at back here are the panties
  • 17:34: our provyazyvalis Now I want stop at one moment is important, we want our T-shirt was The fitted at any points to produce not we need to knit before moment when our Area already falls to the place where we want to went to pritalivaniya and we change hook on
  • 18:04: I have a smaller size e.g., two to half and 275 such difference and start Knit with less hook before the time when the area was already at the place where pritalivanie not need closer to the hips and me again to larger hook and so knit to the end the following video tutorial we will impose little corners bottom beacons PTZ series