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  • 00:00: shooting today puff on a croissant it is very easy as the always with us, we take half a kilo of flour a pound smooth pour here club more we have 15 grams of salt to one
  • 00:31: end in the same and in the the edge hold, and 60 grams 25 grams of sugar fresh yeast or exactly half ie less than 13 December we have them in the other face that they do not adapted and sugar salt on the on then we have here 100 grams of butter oil here and now
  • 01:01: that's 100 start knead but why communication and here to buy a gift gram all were all here
  • 01:33: seven to ten minutes measurement It passed 3 minutes all the typing test home, we need to we need to make it It becomes about the world a we saw enough kneading 10 minutes have passed
  • 02:06: the dough is ready, we all well mixed it is smooth and he We need more rest rest we have it It will have a total Difficulty four o'clock two hours refrigerator and then the fridge but first let's see we need it
  • 02:37: wrap well we need it primarily formed into a ball, we remember even dough like when but a world and its need wrapped in film here wrapped in two or three layers necessarily well here and then another across why do we need so
  • 03:10: tight and the dough in the ascent your fridge She will be increasing it to the film is not broken and does not It took us no refrigerator all so that's enough CUT all times 2 hour in a refrigerator I'll see you and that's our dough soak in refrigerator up scare some plump now we remove another 2
  • 03:41: hours is a little bit love for while she Now we depart prepare oil our approaches little peek test, we will prepare oil will be on him oil to prepare you have plenty we need 250 grams of butter and so
  • 04:11: So here we are prepare our Oil now we you need to remove it in
  • 04:42: freezer while you can we will freezer prepare our whose action and Here we quietly suitable so we said so
  • 05:19: that it was a lot of we need to wrap up will now all
  • 05:51: almost all the prizes are not pinching all the edges so So we wrapped
  • 06:21: our oil in the dough Now what we do continue to climb fold without alignment on a book and we turn so if our texts this book here and roll out will begin to roll out
  • 07:04: our oil begins want flew over both sides to prevent this happened, we first a little bit here trampled and now since the mid we fall back and not We need here to there
  • 07:36: somewhere confused 60 centimeters so we on it and the anti Now unrolled we do a simple plain now we are the reservoir
  • 08:16: test and remove the floor hours in the freezer Half an hour later we make it more a closer look will show hard and that's all the dough read hours Otlezhal Now we looked It left last twice its glorify God here at We as a crease
  • 08:48: if the course will hide It means the taxes again it out of the middle it is important to be
  • 09:44: the more we do it that's what I'm going to fold again if I folded these two end the same that I hundred spring instead folds will be exactly
  • 10:14: at the junction of these two ends and when the dough is take a new you you see the rise because I will do in the end I am here is the site since the it is necessary to immediately 2 now even play
  • 11:21: just here me better to remove piled Now you have a very
  • 12:02: Let us give it rolled and more subtle form thick work with him be uncomfortable working more it will not be their this is more than accurate enough done the most basic point
  • 12:34: when we do puff to follow not to tear the dough and oil is cut this liquid to escape if dynes temperature Moscow and text always will be similar to to destroy fridge well better the freezer for half an hour or hour and that's all we is not working he needs to base
  • 13:04: relax work again hit and then we can swing mold