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  • 00:00: so that the table is always full your to any food perry lavash remember this creation from the radio show intersection we now we are in where this unique lavash it enterprise bakery called lavash before house next to me his head levon carapetyan evans thank you very much for that what did you give us the opportunity to get here in this c where there is a sacrament production of your
  • 00:30: bread but you are our bend where you are you can see how your means produced in principle technology not very simple but not as hard as it is it seems a little bit differs from a technologies that can see let us assume in the Armenian women sing songs bake lava tundra but very close to us would be very interesting find out why you decided to create here this bakery here in toronto but what made you prompted me, like
  • 01:01: probably all of us subjective reasons after I arrived in toronto I I thought what to do and somehow in search of delicious bread in I noticed that pita is here baked some bakeries Iranian but leaves much to be desired better but this pushed me to thought and acquire specialized Tools for I brought it is the former USSR and my wife went special in exchange
  • 01:31: by village and became acquainted with process of making lavash so principle we are from scratch and started it all production Well, I think for a year we somehow managed to go to someone in it people already know and love our bread principle is sufficient unique years on this market tell me please than a secret production here this unusual bread in general such cake for but this Flatbread is both English is called A slave is a flat cake for making
  • 02:02: for wrapping such sandwiches Rapova there can be laws all anything you like raw meat sausage sausages can be make a definite some dish that is wrap up some its materials put the oven and in 5-10-15 minutes you will be very tasty slave and in principle ride from the village with the ancient goddesses in general in all nations there is such cakes are that's how much we have 200 peoples in the world everywhere there are similar things a little bit
  • 02:32: differ from each other friend but here olga armenia of neighbors here are such lavash which are sufficient thin enough convenient for wrapping these amulets really yours unique products she is very popular today all people worry about their health is correctly and given then many products come with chemical additives then like here at I am here written organic lavash tell please about how how clean is your
  • 03:03: product Well, the product is so how clean we are we can do the principle we use organic bone the organic word dries up which we take in canada bake only from it and we use in addition filtered water and salt and all and add there not yeast is not for her The ends of preservatives and as a result, we have not original taste from not so much here its primary
  • 03:33: properties what is it organic name organic how much in that we have original taste without admixtures of yeast tastes of preservatives and other tastes of others additives Well and the second naturally this good for your health because as is known yeast is not very Honestly speaking for digestion some people we will tell so and about preservative is not say preservatives this evil remarkably
  • 04:03: please where possible purchase products in your bakery Well, naturally the first it's almost all Russian shop I I will schools that everything except one or two small is galen forms is a network supermarket chain of course pit layout network table and some national the shops Armenian Arab Iranian what dear friends here again in my This
  • 04:34: organic lavash and here is the name of lavash nonsense house so if you go to those store that did you say whether you are looking for this brand lavash nonsense house and here Thank you so much We wish you success and hope that your the bakery will expand and we still see many new products that you will thank you Thanks a lot for attention to our buy and lavash