Viktor Pochebut

Saved 2/8/17 8:02 PM to CINEMA AND TV, FLEET

Emersion "Акулы" from-under ice on the North Pole. Launch of the ballistic missile.  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: and she was difficult to north pole there was a float very strong for thoughts and put on this comprehensive bud It was accuracy dress that is great that's it geographical point will often cool just starting float plane The treatment begins customized boat swam not it turns planets
  • 00:31: faster than this one fulfill all hours We chased this It plans to close it is something like that here Well, as it's course nerves were spent incredibly's in the end is not pops up but the battle a depth of 40 meters here steeper reading launched and it is not along well they stopped coloring or feed under the ice from you slowly feed History should be the night to have lost and there was a lady a big hit on It broke in half and that is, which is full of and there on the body
  • 01:01: the right side of this slowly enough such as upset think links below and already had sad experience when a person I came this January 7 it is in the cabbage hack he rides a criminal ship breaking few were blurred here rejoices I have to let this go loosen me head to one enough time was words, they fall alloy or rather there boast such
  • 01:31: Persian and worth it all not can not be forced event that the rate of dress should be very little is there is a double feeling personal use came ashore here these Here flags set dripped testament day descendants of this it was a hundred-21's 1 a low overcast wind region and a
  • 02:01: here it is the camera We filmed this series such noise should answer We went to this raid group wing capture erect it photographed in memory and then shooting there cleft boat to put on on course not told and We are preparing for shooting and at the same time
  • 02:32: interesting shooting He was appointed to certain April 2 August shooting just then shooting carries on the next day what thing seems to have forgotten Americans warning laid the channels bromide closed areas to shooting so rise Well 25 is also moved this moment is all checked all 10 just a boat Boat drifting with the ice and there watching area
  • 03:03: shooting certain darwin fire can shoot out we have we Match the border the area if we would have gone beyond the area has it was impossible to shoot girls hour another day outsource this address big enough, you and all 25 of the quartz lined up the game put the league nine hours We sat waiting for this as a moment frozen tsutsiki we took the unique footage that was not and
  • 03:35: probably is not can someone forget else to do