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IKEA für kleine Räume: 14 m ² mit begehbarem Kleiderschrank  See details »

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  • 00:00: my name is me Gustafson and I work as a judge at here Ikea Alitalia video walk in a normal bedroom create wardrobe I can think dream of many I at least in case he is needed HM Jesteburg is a vegetarian wardrobe Tini normal have integrated bedroom betting for that you have not grow or call artisans or so food Dont given the harsh easy with Paks in closets she sat there Koller
  • 00:34: it is quite analyst we used no doors because we over 40 Franken not be granted masters-series wanted to deliver again when but you want to protect your clothing can this easily with ready dena would reach further out to kick off Apax had offers a lot of great cabinet in the facilities everything fits into what you need what they see here you emerged as this wall in the room x-men may consists of a normal wardrobe deep workaround from
  • 01:05: mounted a flat cabinet he drills believe but never forgets a result both of the above to connect the making element stable at Bonn Percent of FIFA Heringsdorf this page we have taken a long Animals Francs taken out of the kitchen range Wolfsburg occurs to 1 thus creating Homer a smaller area for the night fishing currently sets who can withstand that sends no room for normal night we have put it into the parks wardrobe Daxbacher to
  • 01:37: the back of the park wardrobe tactics may not look as nice of textiles used we have a lot Thaler yard goods assortment you at any time can exchange it is refracted on the other hand we have the bedroom is now a little smaller completed a multifunction display whether the unit had set in Copenhagen could even 3 3 an Obama APA 1 I think that can Thaler DAPD both tires