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  • 00:00: hi good morning u us Saturday we crawled out to go in the studio only says wadim let's go into the yards and collect we'll see there if apples harvest and see what harvest we are we have collected everything now this knot in the studio process and something from this bake look what a beauty in small less Creamies are such here they are delicious very and here are such plums but a whole year such a huge pack of apples they are juicy ripe dirty because
  • 00:30: now it was important rain at night plum apples to it all now tree I shook off the idea of ​​myself maximally brought so that are directly next to the house we are when began to collect the neighboring restaurant we there were children and who work there brought some stick long here and not
  • 01:00: helped us twigs shake the berries fell Here so here it is healthy on Let's go now. studio again hello, we reached studios and processed already its plums and now we will sing from them pie plum pie you look I we were all very very strong dirty they are right in the ground all more because all the night it was raining half of them are a mouse when they came to earth but we paved the earth collected here and I
  • 01:30: came to soak them in large pelvis in cold water and see the part and those who were very they are ripe like this a little bit cracked here part as not cracked its here tiny ones beautiful such a juice I I do not know this cherry plum or is it a sink or a plum you are a kind of plum well, in general, very delicious they Sweety such cool 1 and this I am so you showed so far and proceed
  • 02:00: directly preparation of dough what do we need for this need we need butter room temperatures it is obligatory should not pin I see him so on thin slices cut and laid out as in the form of a sun on a plate in this way year very quickly melts just if on some section oil will not room temperatures there head simply in the moment when will whip will begin flaking off while pour the mixer turn on the mixer
  • 02:31: all on average speed and gradually pour sugar on sand knocked over about two minutes now we turn on again not all and one by one I here I pour in my eggs and increase
  • 03:08: maximum speed and a few minutes mission should clog up the mass became magnificent all at us Is it luxurious and now we need sift flour destroy and vanilla or vanilla sugar if you have vanilla extracts pour here we send a lot of slipping into as long as she does not
  • 03:39: becomes homogeneous it can all different time of class personality from the mixer and at that moment while u you will be a mixer you can whip prepare plums for this is just split them in half and pull out from there ossicle the scheme we will prepare I
  • 04:22: I will do the form heart link as will always be in I have covered the description its form parchment is not butter do not lubricate anything suntour grieve not the edge of us received absolutely magical and dough it should be look here such-and-such is dense and transship our batter form and this beauty
  • 05:24: natural in the oven bake at 180 degrees to readiness readiness is verified wooden stick but it will take approximately 30 minutes maybe even 20-30 Athens in the oven of all different will not tire of it repeat look our wonderful pie is ready what this beauty as it smells I'm very pleased
  • 05:54: the result of which I I see and externally because that I experienced that plum absolutely they spread out have disappeared only around the edges there where they touched with form a in the middle but I remained intact and supply even those look which small cream were here they look with the size and its they left the finger they are not fell apart and all pie is practically fired up by our plums cool and well now we wait while he
  • 06:24: cool we wait with impatience because that smells just magically second repeat then yawn our pie is already practically cooled down and now i want to beat cream to decorate and Serve it you pie along with cream just the way you can and do with a ball vanilla ice cream will also be very tasty cream use 33 35 interest for Whipping I beat I would like to just
  • 06:54: you show this option when possible make absolutely I knock down a little bit will be cups mixer put only one whisk and all participants here we will quickly do it exactly a mine. and our cream whipped they they ready so let's if our cake from
  • 07:24: forms and other like this beautiful cake cut and plus it more and the heart and you know how to keeps like this half half of you always half a well, we cut it air see what he is like
  • 08:00: moist wet in good sense does not dry that's what we are and sought I do not like when the dough smells like eggs to me are directly contrary to sponge cake and smell more often eggs Well, that's it when there is, from Butter they smell just magically I want you to have her ice
  • 08:45: friability he melted in his mouth and chew it is simple another idea in general be sure serve this cake with butter or with whipped cream but the cream is straight cool they are so here creamy aroma
  • 09:16: tender very thin sour plum and vanilla crust which melts in the mouth do you represent account of what's there very big quantity butter be sure try it I'm ready to cook Here I come and check you make it adorable nude pancakes are beautiful well that's all
  • 09:49: hug you tightly all the beautiful day bye Bye