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7 lesson of knitting of Mini-composition CORNFLOWER Lessons of the Irish lace of Kotelnikova Natalya  See details »

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  • 00:00: so I linked here here a little something It has annexed this one shnurochek completely and continued knitting it is gusenichka But if we have look at this element here on this song now! approximate yes here we have another
  • 00:33: here is a small zavitochek and cords it is simply knit chain of the air loops and then We start it in the opposite direction undergirding the path now when this way here They were tied here attach the tip and most of the curl we continue on after we we continue to associate
  • 01:04: then knit chain gusenichka come back and shnurochek and knit we tie already to contact our other leaf bound by the same The principle is simple, he It may be longer bars here sc It means the same with one side to the other hand
  • 01:34: little 1 sc under and more and make due This leaflet will be with a convex one side and begins to curl over this side respectively here therefore continue then knit Now we will knit this one zavitochek and that is knit chain of stitches around somewhere loops 50 and so So I continue to
  • 02:06: Knitted air 50 loops Now I now I We need to fix to start undergirding here this chain in reverse direction I enter the third in the third column we first loop one on the hook I miss, and that's 3 stretch out loop column, without sc
  • 02:37: So now on in chain girth neatly We start undergirding chain too columns, without sc prihvatyvaya like this the tip of which we then again grab Koh Samui
  • 03:07: chain form here so here is a loop so to start we just need to that our columns not even the end is not We pulled off the tip here this chain, and here we are stick for the tip of the fingers so on to. provyazyvaem bars thicken quietly their pillars without sc so
  • 03:37: provyazyvaem about 25-30 bars plump like this thicken So loop size
  • 04:07: You can do themselves on their discretion I say approximate quantity columns that inaccurately but have a look it is desirable to have you every time it was a little different from each other size then will I wonder how I said that try one-in-one is not repeat elements Yes it really is and how would not turn but still not
  • 04:37: try this to do too you straight here's how odip the first and second accurately a straight one in one this should not be done contrary to Irish lace welcome and little difference because then all the same that you create create their own it's your hands authorship that is, I I give a template you are on the way
  • 05:07: you can modify Look now If we apply here is about loop if can be quite you can even leave a couple of bars to knit a little bit extended to February 1 3 I think that enough so Now we have condensed
  • 05:40: picks for the most extreme here this here the first is called loop pile up stretch out connective and again so grab connective further Now in the opposite
  • 06:16: one side of the case coupling and continue undergirding our pigtail columns without nakida January 2 Wait a second 2
  • 06:50: 3 4 5 and so on and that's see that It happened here It was such a Collar that is, I it deliberately so I pile it in I was like this you can see that is here around here they almost the same here therefore continue undergirding our here
  • 07:23: this shnurochek columns, without sc by quietly thicken every 5-6 columns give push up and then go back knitting gusenichka then again knit gusenichka the desired length that we need to desired length before
  • 07:59: space for knitting next cords and tie just the second leaf repeat exactly the same 1 binding to both 1, we knit again here can also for longer or-shorter for it how do I know longer or shorter in First what I knitted top so I so here I spread for yourself look much like a I will
  • 08:30: located in an already upper elements and already I look like the main twig I too, and that's bend necessarily never to lay out It you had a direct both on the rod still look and and they sprigs much interesting look however in the composition try bend it to it was beautiful to it was playfully yes here respectively time I
  • 09:01: arched here and I It depends on what I need live like this associate here which sprig also bends and here I will lie on the same sheet of paper each other nothing hampered by the fact there's such a composition example and then I and, undergirding and add one more here same zavitochek a little lower da that is, I tied
  • 09:31: this shnurochek He sat down again provyazyvaya gusenichka and I have moved to knitting next our cords after which continued even bit 5-6 centimeters and back gusenichka and finished composition leaving
  • 10:01: tail tip August 7 centimeters to so you may to the same composition I may be on the distance sew Here's an example like this It will be about something so for example here or it will be another What is still here additional element that will participate in common in addition to the composition but these elements suitable for combination again
  • 10:31: return to what and perhaps will not and another element there are other elements that's about from the same opera yes only the beginning knitting that is, we several stages knitting this bud so possible here some still half bud yet what that can be votknetsya etc. ie continue knitting our our not composition
  • 11:05: repeating our here these elements modifies and their in form of means the size yes by volume, and so on and create it its you complement what the further their elements ie on such as those here branches can add bumps
  • 11:36: if you already know how nodules cones licking they can be added You can add I bind a particular sprig columns without nakida possible add peak it will be as they which some spikes for example so that is this is from the category of how said work try complements here you can have it here these here from pico three stitches add here already you can type uzelochki
  • 12:06: add more such thickened to bumps do not get it It has it all to you give her his manifold diversity is will you continue inspire supplement that's why I try continue on knit invent for you new ideas all the best to
  • 12:37: new appointments on others workshops