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Easter composition — the Nest with a birdie. Master class

Easter composition — the Nest with a birdie. Master class  See details »



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  • 00:00: I welcome all who swims for inspiration today we are with you share and will engaged in weaving nest similar nest that we Made from start to the end of technology of the that is, we will tell it is woven and then Let us decor here so say
  • 00:30: dummy he It cares enough easy to do We need raw branches birch the strength and cut immediately if the weaves they have dried up the it will already be Jim did not break something weave them all Birch is very good material because It is very flexible It can be all sorts of subtle different things to do here you see for example there is more at we will have Easter table wreath which serves us so to say this abundance bowl Each egg is on
  • 01:00: following a master class there then here too we where did crocuses artificial birch too use and wreath translation of around composition that is often I use what size you want in Basically you get now look as you can then any do that is Now it's become Natasha in a small let's just fire daughter did in gift And here we wove with her and it's me suck little wish little need to large and well here I get a little
  • 01:30: that is to make possible that's such a small It can be even less then eat anything so we will need to twine today well and in principle, any Knight we suitable for example color and texture cotton sprigs no matter that only she would not be strongly Search eat when she kept her sewing tie and twigs fresh take
  • 02:04: I take a last look were two of the same and a second piece how to take yes to the eye Here as in all children in the crosswise and then There is one at the court ties so and we tied it here we are tying to they are not pulling We get such easier cross
  • 02:34: just as with the weave ropes automobile Piglet ie the than a good way to you can and we started hard then adjust thickness the depth of the height with us because if you just and unscrew about how to tighten up invert usually also means tighten up wire it's uncomfortable all everything crumbles
  • 03:04: falls not depth the height and width are not prokontroliruesh always something tighten up somewhere for this we have connect then there is an amateur pro system take the upper and yes here we are their world ambassador all four, and all then dinner
  • 03:34: I guess seek We need to fix were actually It may hurt a table on the initial stage DABCO you help to each other and to it was easier then yes yes very convenient and all this can control all I kept this way once it was basically long enough
  • 04:04: first course It began recording as well, then we do because you nest We think about your family year get around this means that you do not just leave here Now we work a miracle our not we understand why the it experienced why it is so popular into three groups Today I decided to leave the nest opinion makes any thoughts and images
  • 04:34: pleasant because the birds to give not beat the house look at the birds it's right on such ideal they have are some careless at the same time they do just perfect it's a miracle I ask all 1's consolidated Court and Next came the hook Where ie already buy
  • 05:05: Created 1 circle so for hours In principle here malleable material its thin birch either Serge better Look here first I think doing flat Then when you decide the moment we wrap it once whether it is deep Whether a flatter small flanges
  • 05:36: or such as a hemisphere semicircular when we We begin to change shape we are no longer just here twist around We begin to marry you there for them when we shifted from and because of this we grow all the barrels here literally some five minutes, yes Now it is almost ready but I'm not you to end torture and you torment that looked I will learn and braid to the end I
  • 06:06: you now just got start we start with until then you will not get can be small bull's-eye straight and 8 centimeters such refract enifianami such as turnstile these jokers tonics branches take Right here there's such It was not even a can very diverse no problem you can just cut
  • 06:36: I'm here and so is hiding Now the title is here then eventually on the external form of energy but in principle this way here it is ok then they have such a direct perfect but it is not necessary to achieve it is firstly not particularly It will be seen in the we have this one rim will be visible as a fact to only that it was successful form top visual looked naturally on decor and also on for decoration I icon I explain principle there I have two pruner
  • 07:06: this is now they can cut it Well actually light ja can be any shape again for all facility, where we work their flowers that decorate he proved by with children is some wedding there ask for any such flower object here so here is a some ranks wildly schemit on such depth of well, if it is just make out colors this mom just expensive
  • 07:36: Gold volume of wine that you go frame it It has flowers wrong and how to dress well 1 of the law it is not too big for I can start
  • 08:06: take less sprigs see here like that of Natasha leave half half up Take half yes my daughter is shorter and I made a second jack a small chain I put other a shorter and He says it is white quail a chicken is and says dinosaur You know what the cuckoo do not forbid
  • 08:38: if you do not realize
  • 09:34: I should have to you 5 Now you can this side just leave if only here and tie possible way to possible relatives and 2 when the day pletesh It turns out this visited pulled two sides at once added also get and it is possible to weave their 5
  • 10:18: I look at you it turns out that's Here it can be affect 34 it is possible to leave just now ensued conversation on insert two points look over and we do not very shy
  • 10:49: thick course I crop the such here that can take bend arms counter and grist personal view and not substitute go on then there and we have all along to bends in this chapter the Yesterday I devchonochka
  • 11:22: 12 c were such plaited drying in general and now the top node is to have I will round out yet call it a day all continue to go
  • 12:06: I know that it is possible use any there you hiding here it map
  • 12:39: do not bend all there is such here to suffer a little longer
  • 13:11: ready and the other I feel that it is necessary and with me canada if you have one braid family sheet immediately braid all help We organize the more tight lie down again and
  • 13:44: forever but to finish 9 more
  • 14:21: secret our fleet x but you give lot. all classrooms cartoons it is not necessary here here Daishev to report it to me
  • 14:51: code goes back up without any problems as postpone the rim too, and the same body Yes, I went to the height you as thick you will crop the your negligence who wants all leave her in principle itself enough to see and how many flowers
  • 15:24: Small green to small fiber Removing them can be cut fragment stone is I usually quail I take the insides clean syringe I wash necessary tap pour all-all-all or someone to Rainier it's all dried up inside it was
  • 15:54: all neatly nice Naturally, we will glued down hole in fact, well I Search Search personal beautiful like these I found not so like a very sawdust usual that we use athame for packaging something there packing Here comes sparrows verbochki let such fragmentiki and in some places you can put yellow darling Bunny focus there I too have they qualified Listeva fragmentiki
  • 16:24: fragments are cut that is, white and yellow most suitable and and and take them from the small fragments chop them convenient particularly where it is not visible yet they still gather yes yes yes that is here we have the most important thing inside the pack as the you anything but the first looked to 2 that naturally it was between Council would integrated woven each other It stands as something to all not simply be laid
  • 16:55: top and sticking We put the glue and so that it looked as one that is all all material that there is he integrally looks and looked through the is somewhere I looked through here sawdust where dragged dizera you leaves somewhere so as feathers it so we never We can do nothing symmetrical two next similar to this everything was natural course in birds so zaglyanesh nest there are two egg lies and feathers so around and all so natural nothing is there symmetrically nothing
  • 17:25: any such strictness words do not look here it is here, we can also I am here it is not used but it will also be their rent up some fragment harlequin duck and during the course can be just glue but I recommend first best put to bed lay because they are birds
  • 17:57: It is all there fragmentiki them all somehow hacked is cut by rovnenko here I have here More ottenochka yellow cheese not Girls generally did ie without yellow white feathers light yellow perry for what it naturally herring we take and never do not cut over and we do not we just cut fluffs and Me take a piece because that cut it fray as true birds but just
  • 18:30: cut off but I also need to strengthen return matches just about Cooker
  • 19:02: weed out then we naturally it is all glue if you first spread out and pick material and then snip decor flowers is not ranked is more like Health now here once laid
  • 19:33: still need all neatly good is possible just do not Now it does not remove the axis Here's a take a hot place where then we could not sleep Labor pours so 1 and he made it hot Hot glue is not touching on the next cuddle glued and has lowered it to you must today primary and feathers then separate if so just snapped
  • 20:04: fly to teach you they went well and also click and paste twist pen aquarium ram Kenobi Jedi is necessary for you I right now I will show Look it over a Finnish place to 100 as by nick nick insert back girl
  • 20:34: we going vederochko then add Look here when This gave the strike portion the size of all look kid with that kind just do not I think that clean Eliza that we are now, I then that's on top of the ones that Again, we do not glue or the top and then on top you can
  • 21:04: seen to tighten I see them take out and pasted It is not exactly on the felting and then he Zhukovka there but her consolidate the permeates somewhere where we need
  • 21:35: impose bottom spinning and cut the wire cutters or slightly unstick held at the same all glued one fly not bend any due to well holding a cup contact see here here added purely
  • 22:07: symbolically here green little that florets support 3 . a few sprigs You can see these very good small and not as from the point of how it would be possible without them you got here 1 small you mean something Melkonyan who diet can look at the green shipuden take home symbolically or some so we
  • 22:37: yesterday with the girls or sofa but leaves they are great for here these flowers watching this number and cut cut out of them here the size of which we needed rock card so that