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Cream on a semolina for cake (it is very similar to ice cream and Charlotte)  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to you cupcake and today I'm doing very very Who is interesting cream in Jamaica them I here is a prescribed here cake recipe cake will be the following video of the same look later but about a cream he very interesting get a very delicious itself I advise you to him too try to do I will do recipe on one and a half serving on the cake without
  • 00:30: I need for that I will need to 750 ml of milk and gray in the milk immediately adding 10 tablespoons with hill of sugar and I somewhere there was a floor pack vanilla maybe a little sugar a little more actually taste How do you like how you like to some baklava here add sugar and I put the milk to boiling, thus I Measure out yourself monkey Dummy I need will this
  • 01:01: number 6 tablespoons spoons I often take a slide but with great advise this is not what childhood as I then in end turns rather thick ottoman can to do even a little thinner here Well actually neck tablespoons semolina we need it the number I have not shows how brew at constant stirring slowly pour semolina because have tripod is inconvenient I do not have to remove it separately here this here consistency I It happened after
  • 01:31: brew prokipela my semolina just a minute one and a half and I'm lifted it with fire now I need to cover my semolina plenochkoj order that it does not crusted and no condensate is not neither of which appeared the I have my butt cream custard so to say get on film Here and now I I leave to cool this cream I have made a first on a balcony
  • 02:01: then together with the oil I left when room temperature to butter and cream I It becomes the same temperature after pour cream here I became like this here so thick Just currently semolina well absorbed milk so I am talking about that may even mamma can barely less well to lay down just do not put spoon with a slide both assemblies for that our cream was I always uniform fray through semolina sieve no matter were I lumps they were not here
  • 02:31: but always through a sieve rubbing so will our cream more uniform here grains in this cream very little monkey I do not feel it is only if there is this cream with a spoon straight then you can understand that is if there semolina do you know of this taste resembles cream ice cream is very very straight recalls given the fact that there No comment this cream eggs well, very, very funny turns in general, but I have frayed this cream your whole
  • 03:03: Here is such a mass of you me loose It happened and now actually I I turn to the second phase this number 350 grams is enough oil but as already meaning 50 par to none here I kind of usually I get on the 400, there are two Oil packs I climb on 750 grams strewn monkey to the Dashwood without waste production hepatitis two packs his two packs of butter room
  • 03:34: temperature temperature accurately the same should be what are our cream that is, they must few hours the exact place to spend at the same temperature, I get enough sleep in mixer bowl I try it and semolina It seemed to me not so little straight sweet to me that would be possible like you do You know and sugar is that is, well, different According to established case sugar there are no such sweet so I and I tried seemed not very sweet I decided add more just a couple of tablespoons powdered sugar in here butter
  • 04:05: sugar I do not advise added because He has dissolved already in butter as if that's a Here powdered sugar great we vzobotsya sugar even help him better go summer oil so the problems not be here just a couple of spoons I added immediately begin whisking oil just so to break it structure and it became as if she was so soft it would be better to act as say to take brew basis in our case brewed mango But actually such I start with spoons
  • 04:36: send and semolina I whip whipping 6 8 speeds that is, above average and that's I see here the way very convenient that it is not so exfoliate let's say you oil it can not kill both say if you We use it brew basis which I with mud on milk here that is in its own interest if you want this Cream expanded in biscuit and the biscuits pre-need
  • 05:06: impregnate because that this cream is not absorbed practical Korzhev He is very good for all baskets tubules very very delicious turns it fits in perfectly by Lera that is, well, actually it lot where appropriate interesting right on In fact, you try to some cakes I am sure that he will like you You will use in Later Well I almost He added their entire manga here very fast is what you see
  • 05:36: is Now only little need Now I mix at the same time show you You see what cream I get thick this cream is not enough that I had used in filling their so in addition to the cake I like this lined yet this cream a cake not possible to align and even under the mastic there as he Olives is also most to oil and condensed milk We used so
  • 06:06: so we mastic melts own here's a quick just a little shaken up after stirring and it is already possible use our cream in fact it is here and all that is cream very easy to cooking very easy to using well It freezes perfectly frost tolerance if you need let's cover soufflé cake then I I will take more time to show
  • 06:36: and just as I said leveled and cake he lies very well that is a knife excellent It can be leveled on top of him blocked about this if you want so I try to I think that you should like very interesting kremchiki if you I liked this recipe place fingers up subscribe to my I will channel upload new Sorry that video for so long I did not have He had his own reasons and with you been to the new cupcake meetings bye bye
  • 07:06: [music]