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The recipe of CAKES on YOLKS with the CUSTARD How to make LILIA from proteinaceous Cupcakes with cream cream  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone with you Ira and the channel are prepared with love today we will cook very delicious cupcakes on yolk custard cream inside and decorate it will be from above protein-brewed cream first prepare custard for we will need it such products 150
  • 00:30: milliliters of milk 1 tablespoon flour 2 yolk pills vanilla sugar and 2 tablespoons sugar small saucepan mix 2 yolks [music] using the corolla stir well in Our time will be
  • 01:00: lumps added vanilla sugar 1 tablespoon flour mixed or im a little milk now I add two tablespoons of sugar [music] stir again we pour the rest
  • 01:33: Milk was placed and put the saucepan on slow fire and only we will be sure stir constantly a lot of weight on the fire and will cook until thick while constantly hang to not no
  • 02:03: lumps and cream was skitsyn brilliantly The main thing that yolks did not fold for testing us
  • 02:39: will need products of 6 yolks 50 milliliters warm water floor tutu vanillin 100 grams sugar 100 grams of flour 30 gram of starch and 1 tea spoon baking powder kitchen machine pour 6 yolks on the floor packs of vanillin 100 grams again whisk on a slow
  • 03:11: his watch the tranquility a lot of yolks beat up with sugar and warm
  • 03:41: water now mix flour baking powder and starch a teaspoonful and now a little bit will be added to stir dough silicone scapula
  • 04:12: see how I would the dough turned out gentle air now we will fill our cake molds the dough was bent a little spread out the dough the oven was
  • 04:42: heated up to 180 degrees while we fill the cupcakes the oven will warm up already I think you can see what a gentle dough it turns out on yolks now on top spread out the custard cream for 1 teaspoon it will be very pleasant
  • 05:14: eat kielce when inside here is delicious cream when you will bake do not say their let it be for surprise them now we cover from above a spoonful of dough the cyst is simple
  • 05:53: awesome and make especially if you decorate cakes proteins yolks you always have availability make such a treat for I have children it turned out 13 cakes send them to preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees 15 minutes have passed see which beautiful cupcake cupcakes and baked for half an hour
  • 06:25: see what they are beautiful turned out rosy now we will decorate fruit rose cake We will do . so i dyed protein custard americolor electric pink we take a nozzle rose small curved now for you I will show that we will
  • 06:55: I do take a knife and knife edge squeeze out the dye a little bit squeezed we take confectionery bag and here you see where we have a blunt edge short with this hand knife on Confectionery bear I I draw a line like this a little bit of varnish and
  • 07:27: did not help themselves necessarily thick layer here a little bit only rules and now I impose pink cream silicone bag twist a bit silicone bag to make me comfortable keep it and short side we hold the nozzle up do we start their first we plan where we will be
  • 07:58: to make petals 1 2 three at the lily 6 petals therefore first 3 more now times 2 and 3 here 3 please see strip already there was a bright yes
  • 08:28: very beautiful now start making a lily we are already of the type do a lily we just with you did Christmas flower only here feature you pull it down see how she would hangs from you I'm just a subscriber
  • 09:00: very much asked make a lily she loves this flower therefore, according to its requests I make master class on lilies that's great it does not turn out the last petal see but
  • 09:30: it 's not all now with cornet and yellow protein custard cream we will do their stamens should be 5 they should be long and here we are 1 2 perry
  • 10:06: 4 5 now take toothpick to knife dripped a little pink dye and we will set such points and tell me what it is
  • 10:39: not a real legend in general, I hope my the subscriber will I'll show you quite way as easy make a lily well of course it seems to me it is not so will be beautiful as this now we have more
  • 11:15: one secret to the leaves were interesting color we not to the end stir the cream and they will be so know how to overflow then stronger and green color white then such unclear packing of leaves which you she showed me sharp double just we now we will do the leaves we do not hold the nozzle
  • 11:45: as usual we have got used directly but so here turned over these leaves will be with us Well of course if it were there was a cake it would be much fit effectively looked but because we have a cupcake on this just no place where once returned with these cupcakes
  • 12:16: Here is our lily I am ready now for you I will show the following way to do lily nozzle from me 112 You see a leaf now I will show how we make beautiful
  • 12:46: white see us need to hold a knife as we did in the first case only not with one side and two we here finger yourself help and spend with one side held put aside now squeezed out orange dyes Amery Color turning over the bag and on the other hand, if
  • 13:17: can somewhere there is something a little bit not exactly worry proceed now the next method how to make a lily nozzle and pulling leaflets squeezed out extruded and stretched I emphasize
  • 13:47: not the last one recognized now centered do five stamens 3 now as well as in the first case with using a toothpick
  • 14:17: Here we decorate wand Here without points somehow here is not only just make a point so immediately you can see that is a flower exotic
  • 14:49: which nozzle is absolutely not difficult to do lily we supplement of course our flower leaf as we have
  • 15:19: I have a special place there so here are beautiful cupcakes on yolks I got it inside they are gentle custard from above decorated protein-brewed With a cream have allocated cupcakes inside super soft and very gentle subscribe to my
  • 15:49: channel put like that with you was aero and channel we cook with love till new meetings so far till