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Cake on birthday Cake a coloring the KID of Cake decoration Decoration of cakes cream  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone with you Lera and the channel are prepared from love today we will decorate cake for boy with you and him will be two years old be fulfilled so girlfriend asked to cook a cake with baby in the crown and to name the cake to the king steppe here we are
  • 00:31: Today we will I drew drawing picture with chocolate was decorated protein-brewed cream also decoration used decor gel and melted chocolate or chocolate glaze like me melted without adding water just here microwave oven put and so it turned out homogeneous mass chocolate should not it be highly liquid should be
  • 01:01: obedient now take parchment and Internet business I already you showed at night and we should not have here holes in the general if there is a hole you will be very It's hard to do then exactly micro la рус eng impose chocolate I took 50 grams
  • 01:37: confectionery glaze and the Duma will then all the I do not spill chocolate this is how it freezes fast better overwhelming doing one cornet warm it up in The quality will not be work is now cutting with a few scissors make a small cut and be surround the picture a picture from I did not have a hand time to pee
  • 02:12: print out the picture was sketched completely chocolate small balls I do not circled as completely emerge chocolate therefore already do these balls on the cake we send picture in
  • 02:44: refrigerator before full congealing chocolate now take and transfer the picture with file on cake the picture was moved
  • 03:15: now take 100 grams white confectioner's shop frosting add one a tablespoon of water and for 40 seconds I put microwave oven stir the glaze at first she can you appear as if she is with us folds see on you get in the way typos set question in two turned death just keep it up misha one problem and you see how
  • 03:46: will change and structure, see [music] see which is becoming now we will paint white glaze indian indian they paint me dissolved warm water light skin tone
  • 04:17: look now you need to where that seconds on 15 put microwave as to fill in such chocolate it is very thick we need a little bit less chocolate watch it
  • 04:47: thick still now put microwave oven and we will flood toddler chocolate now the crown
  • 05:27: fill it with yellow chocolate work chocolate need quickly to be honest itself felt her mistakes very thick chocolate
  • 06:01: should not be otherwise you then will it is visible as at me on legs that strips this should not be so study at my mistakes and not admit with on
  • 06:34: now centered now with
  • 07:11: red gel decor we will make pebbles from above on the crown using the blue guild
  • 07:41: I painted the guru just blue gel dye will do blue boy eyes it is naturally true so ruler here perfectly help with red chocolate
  • 08:12: I do not remember in my opinion you already spoke in their videos that if you are left colored chocolate you post it just a cornet and put in refrigerator before next time I do not do chocolate that way.
  • 08:50: corrupts decoration of the gods I will be a cake use two asterisk notches for 5 small teeth here they have me in one in one confectioner I have a blue bag color to another white and now one is landed for asterisk white the color is my cake already there is a tray so as girlfriends will be it is inconvenient
  • 09:21: transport here and I immediately do it in tray if you are of course will do on substrate the principle is clear just squeezed out asterisks are such until the cake and I have turned out simply and beautiful now we will make beautiful roses
  • 09:51: the cake baby will be keep three roses small means on the tip of the knife is you blue beautiful now see small nozzle the urchin is short you see the edge I I put here to be painted by pressing down on the edge like mine stretch now we impose in
  • 10:33: cornea white cream protein-brewed we are doing and roses just take here round dropped buns now two times and 3 1
  • 11:07: that's such a small we take her with using scissors transplanted to cake look here here where he owes them hands hold 1 little rose ready and the following
  • 11:37: also do it yourself now you do not have type a lot of cream in a confectioner's bag I here have typed a little uncomfortable you done now small roses so
  • 12:16: how is the baby with us small and we also complicated respectively to make roses small three small roses he will keep both as if in the hands of back to such turns and another rose eye cake we we make here 2 more of the same attachment only a little let's do volume of whether the wall is a writer and
  • 12:55: now also do as before [music] blocked now now a little bit attachment from oneself will open show
  • 13:26: beautiful roses we know how to do a thing with We get understand and gentle white rose and here in blue hue cabinet edges in general are very beautiful tomoya and behold here we change rosette now on Celts guru will inscribe to the tsar steppe
  • 13:56: nozzle leaf it's looking we will leaflet all the same near and
  • 14:32: threats now the nozzle asterisk for 5 teeth we make a bezel look like this video and conduct film with draft number 15
  • 15:07: th 5 teeth we are on top of do this drawing we repeat the same thing centered this wonderful cake for our friend's banter
  • 15:38: and we did subscribe to my channel put like that with you was aero and channel we cook with love till new meetings so far till