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  • 00:00: hi friends you again on channel brakes and today we family decided to do still from chicken navels it's very tasty and nourishing and the most the main thing is very simple in the preparation of a dish or a salad or and or a chagina like me like this to call for preparation of this fine chicken dishes we need one form is somewhere half a kilo
  • 00:31: 800 grams to us one form somewhere 800 grams chicken stomachs garlic carrot onion vinegar soy sauce red black pepper taste we will need skillful hands of our wife in order to make us and such you need these first we can cook a stomach cook until ready
  • 01:02: add salt to taste well and then cut into smaller pieces put our tanks on fire and cook until readiness not to cook you are ready to eat you just said and said here or what not listen and say to put. how is she boil remove the foam first patho handle , this and their
  • 01:33: washed well because that either offal all this before put windows before than to put our jokes of steam naturally we washed now lead up to boil we remove foam solim salt to taste and pull out but then I try just a fork that
  • 02:03: if it's good bites and means cooked yes if he bites well it amounted to we pull out foam all along the way Penki will appear so much and remove it so that the ventricles in our were purely Gamow without any shots from rent then from Olympus wrote this
  • 02:35: most likely salt and because the variety also salt on the edge carrots extra charge which are carrots we will not start it chop on the other some shink at us this cut the onion very finely meaning very
  • 03:07: thin we cut garlic shred and around into the shallow baby how much is it maybe you can urgently team difficult
  • 03:39: through garlic she essentially can our grandmothers welded the water we cup g the stomach ahead of the umbilicus cut it like this we cut everything knives and ventricles here
  • 04:13: so small pieces and send in our crooked garlic mixture so threw all our boats in this piece preferably of course take capacity more and on the bus but we did so to make it more convenient We will interfere interfere with it in our in Korean now we need to red-hot oil is enough Strong and pour
  • 04:46: oil all our mix cooked to fry garlic onion and our spices black red pepper fall asleep black and red pepper on taste start sharply more can be add this fund but we fill it all business soy sauce
  • 05:16: check ready oil or not for fill the launch there our carrots he hissed so you need to open open our bow and garlic that the oil gets few but do not need to disclose us onion and garlic that the oil gets on not ga.ma garlic and onion [music]
  • 05:48: this way pour into our ass [music] [music] right so the bow and we have a little garlic fried and all
  • 06:19: we disturb and eat through what there is no onion and garlic we do not have a scald now add a little vinegar quite a bit and soy sauce pour miss and and soy sauce well here
  • 06:50: already to taste no, come on plenty more a lot we have here drugs yes it's okay and absolu owl soy sauce sauce in everything depends of course, someone there is more concentrated in someone less so watch everywhere pokes poured then can add now stir and try this here Turks he at us
  • 07:22: it turned out of course it is necessary that he now stood a little I think about 15-20 minutes as minimum to our carrot let go a small juice and became softer everything was soaked through our the folders were soaked finish with soy sauce that is vinegar pepper and so on and then it will all be incredibly delicious and
  • 07:54: friends are very a budget option if you want do some Korean he does not need fish do not need expensive make meat but just took it. in the chicken shop stomachs and made lovely delicious hi all pleasant appetite goodbye up to early meetings in ether put like and subscribe to our channel