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Madly tasty tvorozhno - a pumpkin zapeka  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear my audience and subscribers today we will prepare delicious casserole cottage cheese and pumpkin helpful with all sides and cheese here and pumpkin tasty and aesthetically pleasing appearance He has so beautiful let's prepare for
  • 00:30: casseroles I need 500 gram before you here I Bake it so He laid on a baking sheet the laid foil I cut to such pieces covered foil and bake hours before the end bake for 10 minutes I removed the foil to Slade did not and I moisture it will pass here stretching here at
  • 01:04: I got 500 grams of pumpkin puree better course pumpkin oven it will not watery This puree more dense liver pumpkin We also need to peel one orange I start here on this here remove only the yellow part of the light remains Orange peel has
  • 01:34: I was naked Now do pumpkin stuffing the first blender if You watery pumpkin It will need to press it through 4 layers gauze mashed add zest orange eggs two pieces of salt a little bit games 70 We make our way in the sugar blender add here tablespoon
  • 02:04: starch Now mixed break through where the curd Part of me just not all pound I add the egg breaks sugar and a spoon to taste or 70 grams, or let's taste salt kapelyushechku space blender all pound cottage cheese with egg and sugar and a little salt adding starch two
  • 02:34: tablespoons a small hill magician opened and 25 grams Bank wishes want to add I want no added we have plenty of be the same density where little pumpkin less in this case, add a little town sour cream refer to the density somehow it turns out all
  • 03:04: we will form pudding form detachable 22 centimeter diameter a bed baking oiled paper butter and smeared the edge masks will shape our casserole dining spoon will exact form of center spread white mass in the middle spread
  • 03:35: pumpkin mass building in the center Put the spoon cottage cheese on center Do not spread we in the middle we arbitrarily It spreads with a often see him sama-I but will spread to the end I see half posted weight
  • 04:06: itself gradually spreads further will gnaw finish injury casseroles finishing touch baking equal our injection sharing it is now We decorate our shut in a night skewer Wood I they do not have plastic coli such rays Now to do
  • 04:38: the center was to evaluate is now the center of a zebra will it's enough send it in the oven 50 minutes at 200 degrees who bakes 180 I 200 bakes not about my 180 bake 50 minutes long hour like someone will Watch until cares for preparing a Briton
  • 05:08: Fill here we still 100 grams of pumpkin mashed potatoes left add 100 grams sour cream I have them sugar 20 or less salt a little egg adding to knead mass became homogeneous hour passed He took out a casseroles I tried it plump nothing is taken now while
  • 05:38: hot fill I fill mung stir not flowed through bead send it in the oven for 10 minutes at 10 minutes stretched casserole out of the oven Now, this should then cool form just going to shoot rim shape
  • 06:08: casserole cool but but still warm inside I can not wait to have her pull out of shape prune is such I turned casserole smart fill dense layer beautiful and all is now well on should be cut look is such zapekanochka
  • 06:42: the cut It holds its shape and for at so beautiful you must try energized q the main form of holding another not cool it even better grab but can not wait try how sweet a good family that
  • 07:13: seen and will not This casserole is very sweet tea make and with all the charm sour cream tasty fall in total I advise and recommend casserole very delicious cook with I visit my subscribe channel cook with good mood raduyte their loved ones and all of you kind to new meetings on my channel