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NAPOLEON cake - ICE CREAM. The most tasty cream!  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine dear subscribers and just guests who comes to me at channel today we are with you will prepare very delicious wonderful cake Napoleon here napoleon classic in order to prepare Napoleon to the right to be sure sifted so oil or margarine preferably oil if you want to
  • 00:30: use margarine then please see on the packaging to was written preferably plant the body can do half-and-half 50 percent oil 50 percent margarine then now we are in glass break one egg add vinegar and add salt here we will stir now we we will add here very much cold water before
  • 01:00: that there should be 240 gram now we are with you proceed directly knead a dough means the dough I will make a processor kitchen can do dough by hand then you need then on the table that line on we pour out the ditch flour and add there oil and knife develop small in shallow crumb oil and flour I will do it in processor
  • 01:32: so pulsing method we connect in a mug of flour and butter literally in 2 minutes our processor is flour and oil and put it in so here's the baby here now we are here tiny now we are here we will add a thin trickle we will add water with egg from vinegar it turned out
  • 02:09: uniform very very very so good all the same the processor really he justifies itself It would be very laboriously you can Of course I am achieve a good test but when is it makes the processor literally there for counted two minutes all turned the beautiful father so roll down such
  • 02:54: balloons now dough we send to refrigerator for an hour and one and a half can be for 2 then we do household chores we have a test so far cools we got 12 we are now with you we prepare but very tasty custard with the taste of ice cream on the first stage we need Milk put on stove and bring to boil
  • 03:25: here a liter of milk I here I water about 800 850 grams per pan and send milk warm for now milk boils us prepare the mixture for cooking cream so the hour we are preparing the basis for the cream for this we need flour sugar stir preferably flour
  • 03:55: combine with sugar then there will be less whose grain is that we keep the slope smashes add here is vanillin now we are here add eggs we inserted
  • 04:27: Milk and 100 150 grams now we are here add milk us without much difficulty the mass turned into homogeneous state that's because it's all thanks to the fact that we and the flour was joined sugar if we were liquid was added separately flour and sugar the tourist would be very a lot of lumps and we would have to long break them now we have a lot turned out very quickly here is a homogeneous to us we boiled we remove it from the fire stir our
  • 04:57: egg mixture and a thin stream pouring hot Milk now we return it all People's Commissar and continuously stir until then until our cream is thick I'm in this cream add eggs whole and protein and yolk many add
  • 05:27: only the yolk is here but I Tried it so I do not see a difference absolutely so I get on protein and yolk together the cream on the same thickened now we add here 100 grams of butter 100 grams and will add
  • 05:57: and stir the plate can be turned off take off from the fire and leave to the full cooling means a glass of cream for whipping 50 grams of sugar and add panels
  • 06:28: a little bit now we whip cold cream, as well as we'll quietly enter will add sugar behold steam cream add not in large portions
  • 06:59: and continue whipping a mixer so now i want share with you with my experience as I very fast and easy I roll very thin cakes for cake Napoleon on the Medovik or any other cake which you need very thin crusts for to us subtly roll cakes to us first went necessary
  • 07:29: we need to be sure Here's the one here such here belkin mads we need to be sure bakery paper parchment paper means so many forests how much will we to make a shape for baking rocks and you need us lid or plate I prefer a lid because I'm from pans zepter always on
  • 07:59: I really like it is very sharp here edge of a barrel rock with test a little distribute now we are a little bit we will pour flour searched short roll out these crusts I do very thin that's about thinner tawny napoleon and so tastier Napoleon very easy and simple somewhere
  • 08:33: 10-12 Shortcakes I roll out literally there for 15-20 minutes maximum probably the dough is very good and slides if there is a little bit trail even a little bit here Patrick very it is thin even simply shine through themselves 3 so without their paper water and take it easy unrealistic now we
  • 09:03: we cut out the lid with trust a little bit pressing like this cut pierced the fork is all these Out of the corner cut unevenly not the same baked with garage then their just in the boat in Separate the individual and
  • 09:33: this will be our figure to fly our corn ready now we will burn this we got the cake because these blush and beautiful in the oven he stood for 7 minutes the first crust is seven minutes stood peas turned out very very thin their thickness probably even a millimeter is not more here they are rayed so I assume I took
  • 10:03: this orange paper on top of your cake look through paper through dough and translucent orange square paper for rolling all cakes 12 cakes in it took me 19 minutes that is, it is very very quickly all our cakes for Napoleon ready are not such sympathetic with us got to cut off his grandson they are absolutely not it takes me put a tick on
  • 10:34: you can which thickness of our shorts see what they are like they are thin probably a millimeter or two we have it already in finished form hour we we will corrugate smear with cream and napoleon now we are with you prepare cat for sprinkles I've collected bag on Sepp all our frames are perfectly break can be a rock dig them through the ladder a little strongly not chops straight not our
  • 11:04: kitty we went we set aside the side and begin to collect cake is so for us necessary podstavochka on podstavochku I I impose here such behold special form that she did not go I the reverse side . smearing cream so that it sticks to smog basis when Napoleon is our sex she is under
  • 11:36: The pressure will not be go take the first cake and smear reverse side and turn over kurany Now we are not that a big spoon is this I remember the spoon lock the climate now even now namaz you straight cream smells like yummy is ice cream possible for napoleon
  • 12:16: general classic recipe it's just brewed cream he also gets very very delicious Napoleon but adding cream with sugar, Napoleon in general an entirely different taste he acquires simply uncommonly delicious becomes try i think that you will not regret here at this napoleon us to get together now I will leave it at room minutes at
  • 12:46: 20-30 then I will I will add a little down and then any his baby we are now its just in the room left on the table so our Napoleon stood a little bit in room is not on top of the foil I 'll put a pin neatly and a little bit pressing because a little bit cream tequila
  • 13:17: so here's a great Napoleonchik with us It turned out now my little one from chains generously well sprinkle and then it will gently soaked cream too this remarkable attack
  • 13:47: we got now he will stand 23 hours at room temperature temperature until he soaked here and then I will put it at night in the fridge you can still for sympathy here such a flower here put this cake wonderful and cook for health please your relatives he is very, very delicious All the best to
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