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  • 00:00: we move third milk today we will you give our bedplate jewelry and Britain, too, bedplate There are many but we Touch one of the the easiest Great course there many of these methods but I'll tell you about one and we weave they'll just Above all, we determine what size we will products on a shape of my will So I weave for you I prepared just such a
  • 00:30: here bowl general shape size not really matter is you can take little bit more below the main thing that here here on It was not possible steep ledge or flat like these Here protruding edges to the tube well invested here on this surface well here at I have here a form today it is us almost we do not need it should be only to
  • 01:00: determine the size bedplate I have it set aside, and yet Mount base beginning bedplate take 6 tubes laid in that direction but say horizontally with respect thereto and 6 tubes vertically Cross over here such cross it means any comments on this
  • 01:30: not exactly the case tips can be first to start until you do skill not developed These can sixes So I hold together prepared clothespins we meet here so that the edge only one this we need only thing at first then Once these Six fix itself caves take off here this here and so we
  • 02:02: strengthened, and this is similar meetings that they kept plump each other second that it is important to us donyshke visible to everybody will seredinka Now these upper tubes and which It lies on top of leaving for have quietly vine here here try to
  • 02:32: tubes were one colors, they can be heterogeneously painted here is one darker than the other beet but that was not this void select those who will match the tone here We laid them on each friend what do we do next we take two tubes bedplate we will dark, we found that we have the dark more half more than it should so holy we leave for decoration
  • 03:02: so to speak about the bedplate you will have a dark and two tubes we take and connect as I I showed you on first lesson Masha is not in itself tip slightly retreating to the very end was dry crusty old from the meter to wind and close that not dried up the tube
  • 03:34: go too go too in half and a little bit not exactly half to the ends It got a little various and then we have this fold hide under tubes that we But more to do this fork we it covers the lower six that's the way so let's pay fiber down to us here It did not prevent in the first place in
  • 04:05: the second was visible though until their location and that's Now lower half that ducts placed on top all blue that is, over here This half who It lies on top of a polyp Six here this time go too at right angle Now this half tubes we covered skip carry away and here again I was a little
  • 04:35: Showing these Sveta halves and again we lower close it and counter us six current pleasing from this six We were side by side We do the same most here this time danish She took us down Now, we have a a square of the way this is the place you can First pogranets
  • 05:05: barrels to were the same ends which we can remove clothespins not us no longer needed because that the first round the first ring and has recorded at fixing the number of these Six one pipe We are waiting for the second row next time we laid we can already take into Verka hand this one cross February 1 to couple the tube Now this increase tubules us and mouse
  • 05:37: Here is a contract this we will again called rack because Later they will be create here this here vertical base our products and it will takes on the vine which we work then we increase let's tubules Secure them clothespin I do not untie We are leaving our structure I get here
  • 06:07: a range that does not mean it is inserted Russian and here we urgently beyond the tip so they emerges a and went on to white We continue Tours here is a remark
  • 06:40: You see here in this joint we turned out to be I noticed the animal place we try to stick together tube so that it was full straws to this was imperceptibly under the counter so that I now perekleit here these here backfilled in another way to all this a little different It looks here and so I cut diagonally
  • 07:12: that we face with the reverse side cut off from the tube on sand and on it I put on a second possible also the end of the tie he had no time rolls painted them is the edge of the grown tips particularly wide instead of to narrow tip greased glue and now here
  • 07:43: this cut and lubricate and put it wide end lune give a little just under glued we We are continuing the third round 1 let's 3 four, and so on
  • 08:13: Let's go before we 3 blame here three rounds It has done everywhere bo3 series Now that's braid it can be all apply simplified bedplate we should be flat so large thickening at I have to seriously they even touch here it's a bulge will even once decorate a little bit little with the side let it be flat having increased more
  • 08:44: once the tube and here Now here we begins a new stage Now we take here These sixes and We are pushing their bad two tubes like this Here now it is at We divided this Six pairs and now we are here these two vine tubes accurately also get longer 6 and 2 times 2
  • 09:15: 3 and this, too, six divide by twos here and so do same here again went under the top deuce final out
  • 09:46: on rivers and covered 2 and here the same Upper went under deuce tenderer has entered the top Krylov 3 and so the circle now our
  • 10:28: basis are here such a kind of center bedplate here and we went to the second So I increased the circle tubes and went to second circle 2 Entangling of two more time show slowly and clearly have We are located one on top of another
  • 10:58: clear and tooth tube vine Now that we pulled up Lower Upper went Here came a deuce on the other side of the She covered her bottom the top and located here thereby again Now that we are cost that goes from the bottom it left the upper left down under the deuce covered from top to bottom and so the circle
  • 11:28: We pass even this one circle and another will it's three rounds you Here we see three round apple movie about 6 tubes and 3 are the three a number of them can be seen on braided block two ducts Now the next stage starts but these Here's a guy and start plant and braid one tube
  • 11:59: likewise we try Here's a pair of these good push the distance between elections the former and the distance between a pair of tubes little by little we leveled it It will be aligned with each round once again I explain here we behold the two upper top waterfall and cross counter that we lower It remains here and here the top we start
  • 12:31: under the bar to the bottom covers it parted next couple of We pulled up the bottom upper left of Lower rack came top obviously increment upper lower permi upper panel and taken away on the rack you wand on the other
  • 13:03: the rack Cover and kanechno so, too, come three Circle is very easy remember 333 but this is the case if this corresponds to us the size of the bedplate if you need more circles who please this is now one braid can any number not too wide necessary because far between the posts it is not very
  • 13:33: well so far nothing no risk and we continue to braid this bedplate so I took the first circle at one twist around here are they distance yet you can see not equal where they were together and where the couple were here poshili than we are well Now we go through the second circle and you will see then what can it be
  • 14:04: the distance is not differences and more weave the same way until reach sizes bedplate Now you see I proplela three circles one more small stands covering you see one two three here we have 1 2 3 to 6 two or three times about 2 and
  • 14:34: 1 2 3 1 and you can see that distance between stands almost you equal it is unclear where they were in Doolittle and where they defended from each other in such a it turned the sun enough symmetric case Komi now necessary us see how it relates to The size of our Now this bedplate form that's like that, even protrudes slightly beyond
  • 15:04: edge but also at gasoline's change and more specifically better here but it will be located it is a little wider Now this fighter but it even well because that the ring and serving him not cling our weaving we just through it front and will weave like this but this is a way will be the next lesson next lesson will dedicated walls and now I
  • 15:35: just want to say that's what this is weaving here is method of splicing It called pillars Rope is one of the main ways It is a simple straight there is a rope even reversed there is a rope layer-weaving spiral weaving Plexus of several tubes, etc. it's all been details excellence
  • 16:05: it has a large course and today I I confine here This here is a simple rope and here natural that your homework will weave bedplate