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Dress spokes (platochny knitting + braids). Part 5.

Dress spokes (platochny knitting + braids). Part 5.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my expensive needlewomen so we met with in the new year I want to wish you happiness health successes creative new incarnations interesting and beautiful as well as all that you yourself want to let's continue knitting and we knit with you pla for sure and dress with three-dimensional braids want to tell on the current consumption of yarn linked to this the moment is my dress
  • 00:30: from the shoulder line to bottom about 65 cm at my size 48 50 already consumption of yarn slightly more than two seconds half a ma . here are 3 the hank practically the greater half already and is related in this case this part is already I'm a little painter steamed away hanging position here such vertical
  • 01:01: steamer bought it about a year ago on the Internet it's inexpensive steamer but very it is not practical helps a lot it is in such moments when an iron scythe and gilt swallow it is desirable to touch and steam off the canvas turned out very soft and supple and even little given
  • 01:32: yarn that's if it will be it is seen a little bit it was visible not you can see well, that's a little bit she burst out the canvas is not hard very soft and that's even pliable conventional headscarf viscous and oblique they rude and here is such a standing species have and here after
  • 02:02: steamer is very soft and pleasant canvas to the touch and so I want 1 more it means that after connection and backs open tied it evenly canvas of about 5-6 centimeters after this has already begun do a reduction for how much way with each side by side marked the average 4 central hinges 4
  • 02:34: The loops and these loops in each row bind by 2 together with one side twice repeated 2 together facial and the other side is also 2 together facial twice such decreases repeated through every 5 6 rows total reduction was I have five with each hand in the end with
  • 03:05: each side for pritalvaniya of 10 loops that is two Loops 5 times with one sides and here to 2 loop 5 times with another sides of 10 loops each each side reduced only 20 loops for at the same time bias goats continued decrease
  • 03:36: central loops up to 16 central loops when I have already offset reached 16 central loops knit exactly without spit bias about well, that's up to 10 centimeters can be a little bit less about 8 centimeters accurately without bias goats licked such way here on center exactly
  • 04:07: has reduced the and after that began to add to every sixth row of center you see here here in the center somewhere around each sixth eighth row bound from broaches with each one by one crossed loops and this way bending of the braid I first have a knot
  • 04:37: for uzi we are here Yes, and yes it is approximately completely sweat waist is even and from waist already a little bit goes by We are expanding gradual expansion how to do it now I'll show you all this and so they asked me girls show the transition is here he has me the beginning of a series and
  • 05:07: transition from facial purl stitches or by compressing it from purl to the facial see here is my line to practically imperceptibly there is exactly and here such line but it is practically invisible and does not some say so ugly superfluous transitions are here now I have a connection purl loops last row
  • 05:37: then here is my first next loop and I'll start continue knitting already with facial loops nothing special just turn here linked last purl now I'll show it. She was facial now i have it I knit purl and already the next loop as I will continue to knit the next row is already facial loops first it turns out step well on it is not draw attention here thus you see
  • 06:08: Here's a staircase it turns out but when I I reach the last loops and we are all even when this is what you see no bias especially not and is equal canvas and so it's me you showed now I'll show you how I'm doing add on central to the central part our board before and backrests and so did the transition
  • 06:38: from one this is 2 and I continue knitting by a number of facial now hinges on the sides no additions I do not add does only on the central part transfer and backrests now show how it is obtained also by way I have the canvas expands if you need make wider
  • 07:08: down more an extended skirt on dress do more often adding i I do in every sixth 6 even the eighth alternating between 6 and 8 case I have now another coup scythes one second make a coup spit and after spit we will do addition in our
  • 07:38: the central part is the lateral part is connected braid and here it is the central part in this case I have backrests from the broach we get loop dress her up wait a second here
  • 08:09: we get a loop we put it on the spoke and tie the face crossed on we bind central hinges backrests and before the next oblique do exactly the same addition and so
  • 08:39: here or your own loops central and here it is next my scythe just as from pulling out we get loop
  • 09:10: I put on knitting needles and we bind it facial crossed further we knit our patterns their braids or arans in this case I have a braid on 9 facial loops quantity added loops you can adjust
  • 09:40: add less often and more often here such way and I go here you see the extension already central and at the same time the very skirt dress is expanding further we bandage side dress and the same add on to the second part paid in this case to me will be the next part this is the front part since on the back I
  • 10:10: already adding did this way and therefore it turns out we have here such bending of the braid and spit unfolds now in different parties if we at first cashier to the center displaced now there is a shift in different sides here in this way continue to wait until the required length farther when will we already have for rounded not to go on
  • 10:41: edge transfer and backrests I will definitely show a while we knit with addition and loops up to the required width your barrel on today, for now until new meetings