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  • 00:00: your room is lost former freshness and appeared disadvantages too evident not trouble your room It may look like new and without repair Our experts Olga Ekaterina Volkova luxurious to the claims that having disposal of all one day and minimum amount of money can transform room to unrecognizable Is it really possible girls absolutely and we proved it practical methods I know that the job at You were not easy to we received a letter from hello Larissa then began to repair
  • 00:30: because of circumstances not finish turned our Living large and light but at last years considerably pronounced eg upholstery and the sofa faded rubbed in some places icover faded apart that they have spots that have already been can not be cleaned Both she flaunts Pictures of my younger daughter money now but they have no especially on Plywood wallpaper or the purchase of new furniture tell me whether you can make this something without repair, we have photo let look like this
  • 01:00: room looked initially but I thought such tatami nobody nice sit years as well as a guest inviting spot is in principle, as a matter said acquirable bustling carpet to bustling and here and pictures on O the moment when the children draw on both parents certainly rejoice because the child develops in his creative the process you are talking that the blame for the kids it can not but then Both kids grow is patterned remain on the actually such issues face very Many families are absolutely
  • 01:30: to be honest, we it was a bit scary when we went there but after and shopped We understood that, in principle, we can do something very interesting we now have a look as it happened enjoy together cup of coffee treated him pain Corollary let look We learn our thousand heroine Larissa then it the birthplace of the man alexey k 2.14 and river Valeria as a decimal Alice is not their family zavzhdy thrilled pro-government Budinok
  • 02:00: there is a shot wriggled it can be the whole thing even in April Originating tall grass took for repairs and better at grading he did not destined to a completed a year and th of steel from work on the ball floor began to fuck looks like it myself Larisa curled adobe All Bodo good and you are our experts to wool and helped his brother and Vital to with this flag guests need love and yes of course
  • 02:31: skip so that's our girl room here Here we draw we sit but it's all much Just want to note that is very Light is good for We just want to start and finish room to become perfect because that the basis of sufficiently good course already we see each other three Bring something to work yah and my you about incidentally also drew
  • 03:02: on the walls of what is we can handle easily children's hour no one has grandmother so I want to Well, to make a surprise that we have little time I propose to begin I think because with will be happy let's transform proceed I propose to begin with Sofa well as its update takes most of the time in a move she spent freshness hid Prem is Dirk and family budget his transfer spending on but the new furniture because at the constriction decision our experts
  • 03:32: tell those keys z Dekker who smoke on and your new 40 on recognition for pallets Relief unique 2 drinks for the ball of creation you need and horses to be wolf sign it centimeter and would become extinct this your such a complex sofa patterns of heavy sewing, we will not the upper part we We decided to do more saturated in texture color principle here fit any dense texture perhaps tapestry we basically choose fabrics which is suitable for curtain that is it
  • 04:02: severe wear-resistant fabric also here is very good drawing and here such smart blue flowers never better suited to our both our She will design the most simple and It will consist of two pieces of that is, provisionally bottom lining and upper first layer it is we brocade tissue that dense enough but at the same time it ie streaming will drape beautifully milk chocolate color on In fact, now very big range of fabrics and
  • 04:32: this kind of fabric can be found from 50 hryvnia, and so but Music, too, has a wee bit consulted and decided that the ideal is a combination blue and brown shade already alive sofa chose we have something to base it on that already have what we encourage our viewers but we have the shadow of a wall accordingly it is necessary their little support we take a cloth with some with blue print first we will Here is a dairy chocolate hue but simply to punish rectangular how to cut calculated a
  • 05:02: size must be this rectangle we must of course make measurements at the couch and determination cover length measured sofa front to back starting from the floor to the sofa and finishing floor for plus backrest 45 centimeters to hem determining the width cover measured the seat of the sofa have seam allowances sometimes armrest measured from the seat over the arm up floor plus allowances hem and determination width adjustment measured width seat sofa plus SEAM we We have measured our sofa and
  • 05:32: getting what we need length of 3 meters at 260 on the bottom liner in we have rectangle all we need to make it a little bit rounded edges Now I'll show you how I did completely do not arbitrarily necessarily very clearly some kind of line must be to on sofa corner was accurate drapery and then we need to do hem We simply two fold buckle again buckle and fabric the second time, and do line course of the
  • 06:02: Who has the machine is will be sufficient quickly literally 10 minutes and you're done you can do it hands can not bend twice as for example process overlock and then also make line after we will do line that's how it It will look to seamy side and on the front is enough all neatly I I am seen in stores such stripes glue so that they can take advantage of our essence can be use it much easier to us task before we take We do our Hem tissue between this tissue we put
  • 06:32: gossamer she He called to his knees. it is enough available is from 50 kopecks per square meter pass iron way for the lazy given you a great option, and here and so easy and simple first layer so we prepared let you must apply mascara help me the second layer we It is beautiful it is desirable to Of course it was contrast to the first color to what was harmonious and beautiful we will have three lanes one lane will be
  • 07:02: middle and sofas two lanes will armrests that is, also quite simple design the length of our segment 1 largest is just like we measured only that the length from the beginning couch on the floor on the back seat and ending full of is the length of the sofa width will be equal to sofa seat width remember about the fact that we also need to hem two we centimeters reserve and width armrest and length
  • 07:33: floor two segments in order to the sides we can attach Now we are metered as a time band that will go for us arm tissue really very well because in First she's beautiful secondly it is durable Thirdly it is easily and it will be convenient erased and not be beautiful fade butane was well and have me until you're ready so that we can reconcile let love when It can be seen at once would be about and
  • 08:03: final result absolutely inspired by so here as well, in general Overall how would you get the idea in our Region is still one segment here something like this it will look Of course it is necessary to make too hem and neatly it all process so as not to It was seen not so decorating can be than whatever the tows some ropes rivets our case we will use here such eyelets and lace until we here is the color
  • 08:33: We cover the top can just to determine where we are resources needed eyelets yes will be joining those parts that we Now just lie next we can immediately make and look at this distance we need and fix our Even small eyelets Mark and so here the court and held our decorative lace and then the Located on table we can
  • 09:03: These carefully grommet attach there will be a easier to define place we just recorded in shallow and we need to first holes cut which is equal to hole in which middle, we grommet is like a they are very well specially used to they curtains recorded a ie pressing us not need any a special mechanism because such metallic but how social such I always tongs I thought that it let specifically to the master that this is all It makes possible will develop cut themselves
  • 09:33: hole substitute underneath our wars and on top of it fix all just date all just as strong pressing and we recorded Lubbers everything is ready and in what cost Typically, these here Eyelets one such grommet will cost 2 hryvnia but if we We want this save in Basically we can accurately process the edges just as we hole I pugovichek but just small Small minor cases Reputation we did Lyubertsy
  • 10:03: on the sides and we need to do to the underlying tissue that we have on sofa seredinke in the same way. I will not bore you with, I course has cooked and line eyelets and then want you show that will come here Our top cover so so much so now here's so suddenly very it is beautiful combination and so well done but in my opinion it is not missing the last final chord it is our decorative lace
  • 10:33: until I make dark brown cord and what to do with it we threaded in our Lyubertsy kaya we We can simply tie Well on that node I like rapid method is very good depending matter what distance us between the eyelets will depend on how the footage we must take basically approximately 4 meters for four drawstrings on each hand, we will enough so last item our harnesses and sofa ready to literally a small amount of time as possible at
  • 11:03: breathid sofa and in my even the room was then I lighten think I can safely say that we have given a second old couch life old shabby transfigured sofa easy on the eyes but after update Rooms at this not over course All the same there is only It begins tomorrow you will learn how all a couple of hours and marginally the money spent can fully transform old izrisoval wall was design masterpiece we will wait with great hi looking youtube
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