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The most tasty Cake without flour! Royal Cake! - YouTube

The most tasty Cake without flour! Royal Cake! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to our kitchen today I will oven royal cake Prescription my mom Products I use very simple and cares This cake is very fast [music] I take the eggs and separate the I proteins from egg yolks [music]
  • 00:33: So I divided the eggs Here's my squirrel I yolks yolks tidy aside and I will deal with proteins now I'm in proteins Pour powdered sugar mixer and beat until strong foam so here's a look
  • 01:09: which turned Beauty is now here I very carefully I add starch [music] and quietly and interfering in his our protein mass carefully all
  • 01:40: one direction whether all-time against clockwise either all clockwise arrow [music] so I starch Now I stirred the I will pour nuts I took these nuts Now if krupnovat you want to take smaller take smaller
  • 02:10: but I'm more like when shortcakes have here are large nuts I quietly emptying of its protein weight and also start knead very quietly quietly quietly in one side still add I roasted peanuts because fried Nuts it is still
  • 02:40: a special flavor them for frying at frying I think they getting richer taste gently-gently vymeshivaya so I intervened their nuts look like beautiful how beautiful
  • 03:13: so the dough is ready this dough on the cake I I will make one cake on a large baking but they can be made These cakes are a few cake in example 3 round shape but I for speed I am doing in the pan I take the pan obscure
  • 03:43: parchment paper nothing promazyvayut and pour out their dough in the pan [music] and now I distribute all their weight evenly over the entire surface our baking and [music]
  • 04:14: All our cake is ready [music] Now I put my cake in a preheated oven oven we is heated to 200 degrees I put pan I reduce immediately temperature to 180 degrees and leave Komm her bake 20-25 minutes as you learn that he is ready he should
  • 04:44: be so beautiful beige such Here's an easy caramel all leave until our cake baked I proceed to cream take butter butter softened and I it is necessary to knock out so all I had has lined and set aside until old continues
  • 05:14: whisking further today's mixer programs I take yolks poured to sugar and too, so I whip whipped egg yolks with their sugar completely absolutely not to distinguish from oil here just as oil now I am in this egg-sugar mixture
  • 05:44: I pour milk trickle I stir all the same in one direction so now I have this cream I will boil my mom all this I have done on the water bath but since I'm such a little people lazy so I I will do it on
  • 06:14: pan and on the tile once it very very on very low heat I will not bring to I need to boil only bring slightly up boiling and so our here he is ready to cream thickens we have a very so beautiful see what it thick now I I leave it to cool
  • 06:44: here is our custard Now here has cooled I introduce our beaten butter Cocoa powder through a sieve necessarily and a tablespoon I pour alcohol
  • 07:14: Cognac can be a a rum liqueur Well is that you there and beat your Klim so our cream is ready now I want to try very sad air and this did not
  • 07:44: fat very sad Now see our cake Here is ready to look What we beauties now my Korzhik I cooled down a little bit it will cut It can be in three parts I have divided I think about how much I its sections Now and then I sliced ​​it leave to cool Well, until the very end so
  • 08:14: We begin to develop your cake as a cream layer on top [music] next top layer and again we coat [music]
  • 08:54: and the last layer [music] adorn crumbs [music] well and on top of chocolate
  • 09:25: [music] nuts and a little well Here is my royal cake's ready see what it while his beautiful I passed on to we have a dish We tried it a little bit but still I will try here I cut yourself this orphan piece
  • 09:56: Now I will try and see what Beauty does not understand where the layer where cream are all very beautiful nuts all seen I try to know it is very tasty well, very, very tasty very delicate taste is not I understand what it is some shortcakes
  • 10:26: such as a bar can smackers can nose Well here that for such very, very unusually gentle gentle try try cook very that's a real delicious New taste all nice BTI yah here you have seen how I quickly cooked his royal cake All this is very easy because simple products and a very, very
  • 10:56: New taste and appearance cook health thanks that were with I watched my I hope that my video the recipe is useful to you subscribe to our kitchen channel all while [music]