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Why tomatoes blossom, and there is no ovary? Cultivation of tomatoes. When to feed up tomatoes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Hello everyone Welcome to the channel the green planet in I want this video talk about common problem with which all gardeners lovers who are trying grow tomatoes when tomato formed a good bush blooms profusely and envy is not tied up, that is your flowers dry out or simply is formed empty and have one like this I'm covered with a bush tomatoes without excess foliage to you you need to know what is
  • 00:31: two ways which you can solve the problem good tying tomatoes well in the first can buy fertilizer can be use wood or herbal hall if you decided to buy chemical fertilizer what is best for you buy mono phosphate potassium since it is fully soluble water and is real top-dressing for your tomatoes as in open ground and in greenhouses Often
  • 01:01: a typical the problem of tomatoes when plants bloom the fruits are not tied up rectify the situation can be used with mono potassium phosphate he is one of the the most concentrated phosphoric fertilizers how to use it we are on potassium phosphate for the root top dressing we need 10 gram dilute to 10 liters of water it is very dissolves well in water received solution from watering 56 rootlets of tomatoes this top dressing is necessary
  • 01:32: do as soon as your tomato will start to bloom because if not mold during flowering you lose a lot part of your ovaries and does not form a brush also do immediately and foliar feeding all here just we need 12 gram mono phosphate potassium per 1 liter of water and on the sheet we make our subcortex top dressing is done when a plant only begins to blossom and
  • 02:02: in 15 days chemical fertilizer such as mono phosphate potassium only make two top dressings to your there you are very good Developed if you decided to use wood ash as I do everything here simply take a kilogram wood ash it approximately 2 liter banks fill them bucket of water and wait this solution insists then we dilute one to ten and give under the bush Similarly , at 10
  • 02:34: liters of water liter of we dilute this enough for 3 4 bush for top dressing first top dressing do when your plants just started blossom second after 15 days this is enough that the plant is good developed and formed brushes when the brushes how many tomato but it all depends only on the fact that exactly you want get a brush always forms specific weight
  • 03:06: tomatoes that is brush let's say weighs always two kilograms regardless of left in one tomato it will be 2 kilograms or leave 10 and will not 200 grams each it all depends just what you want which of what result do you get? you need this the way you need it do just two additional fertilizing necessarily by they do not need tomatoes overfeed when plant and your tomato Lung lay the scoop 2 is where that sex
  • 03:37: kilograms of humus and this is enough before the flowering phase especially feed them I do not need anything that's on video we are looking at bushes and that which formed into two the trunk is exactly the same from the bottom I break the sheet foliage when develops according to my the lower one I choose line until the next so gradually I choose tomatoes right up to the very top you see the whip completely stuck tomatoes of the same you can achieve
  • 04:07: and at our top we leave absolutely divided by our tomatoes well and the bottom without diseases here can be seen in two sleeves with one side I already killed the strukov from below tomatoes it is seen brushes practically pure and here still tomatoes that necessary nubira this way are formed tall tomatoes in greenhouse everything is fine there is no development no signs disease so that use this way we remove leaves on
  • 04:37: maturation as soon as the lower grave start actively develop pour down all leaves before next thunder for sure 2 also started Grono develop hide all leaves up to 3 grams he and and so gradually form our tomato tomatoes are good develops as seen was the first video fully caked tomatoes foliage and which is top of the tomato enough to head for normal development you do not need plants less than 15 sheets
  • 05:09: keep healthy on bush but at the top and much more of this grabs with head good toastmasters developed Thus, we form we feed our tomatoes to whom liked to put thumbs up subscribe to channel in description video I will give a reference on our group vkontakte check it is possible you will be interested also subscribe thanks to everyone meetings