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  • 00:00: Hello Now anyone here today cook cakes with cheese khachapuri make the sun amur barbel khachapuri and Thomas These cakes can be cook and oven and rice cooker airborne black back 1 and will not work equally delicious and beautiful 100 coins so to cook khachapuri we need spit on while hen I want peace Dough 350 400 grams
  • 00:30: flour that's why most Mummies 1 tablespoon Sugar is how could 1 coffee spoon of salt Now this is my floor tablespoon dry yeast that's been a minute from 250 milliliters of warm milk although in my chest that Adam humble one egg modes the chin 3 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oils mastic zones and
  • 01:00: filling me It will need 450 grams cheese falls into while helping at if on mega The more mozzarella cheese is better to me Fu and Michael Berg khachapuri lights on the horse first all we need sift up to three days Tsiva and now we knead
  • 01:32: very fast dough the offense itself flour make a small depression Why here trying to drive pour the egg warm milk link to the channel Bulk good friends mine It was stirring and then Now when you come is a little mixed dough
  • 02:02: add salt itself and my vegetable base oil and We begin kneading dough for batter at me now It turned out pretty March, so I I add a little flour this gallant dependent is
  • 02:34: soft dough and now move the chair in house have Mark means abortion We need to ensure so that the dough does not molested. dough knead well
  • 03:22: and look at it I did not stick to arms collected and vocal teach such Kamakura but they had to drive dough, cover clean polotenechko and let stand up to the mind, and yet my dough is resting, I I cook stuffing for khachapuri for both but there is not a mile then cut off fragment wagon overnight killed the present bullet
  • 03:53: Georgian are used Georgian cheese suluguni although the guy but Georgians zoom Platform court Guney but my cheese mozzarella it is very similar in their properties with cheese suluguni but if he just less salt therefore I slightly let themselves two Zoom hit the most blunt and Now grater and I now his ambassador
  • 04:26: I add one full in salt coffee spoon and cafes and Misha to him to it has lain down and it rested ready look how it happened today I'm going to do two ways
  • 04:58: khachapuri Although the bullet in the oven for this I need my Divide dough into 2 part of the patcher varnishes since my rice cooker small size of the one part of the made slightly smaller than the other a little more about a the feet of the phantom object sun on label
  • 05:28: because I shared about the dough into two part of the so-handed just doing cake to 2 installation but for me it plays when you are done
  • 06:02: take cake cheese words to bathe Harry think of it this lumps by shaggy and spread on top on the cake honored this body count of the brain my affairs and now cake start gather in a circle in the occupation of all Allah just do not waste collecting bag
  • 06:32: I have a microphone I want to take a walk at all 2 and the spear was plastered flew to look at I turned this a bag of cheese Now in this bag we turn over here so the seam side down, and again hands begin distribute the cake but the weight is too small oydzher very gently
  • 07:03: neat you stretch the dough you feel inside as a distributed Irkoy everywhere with fans but booze and stretch so way cake Ocean Zayd Israel giving a rounded form because it Olga can be distributed rolling pin can be hands like you more comfortable
  • 07:34: you how angry I am music horses can be a little bit rolling pin bunch board bow stroke be ordered stretch patty cheese in it too
  • 08:05: spread everywhere I have uniformly Now the hole for to come out I will put the oven I sprinkled baking a little hand I took a look pan the reverse side to mind what model look
  • 08:35: khachapuri then easily I was removed from the baking same here arsenal Bunny and first want that I put it in the oven preheated 200 degrees on us Now take the exact as do the second and carcass as an object for draw just as well
  • 09:06: fingers dough distribution here in the middle spread cheese such enter name formally del pozo, and so It was the same scale, and to give We collect in a bag I tried to light Test blades and teeth Th you want about you there hair
  • 09:40: We turn over noise down and distribute exchange smells like and so did distributed cake did the same small hole sudan trading kai nok circled and now our cake, we spread console does not it is not necessary to grease
  • 10:10: tubes and look now our khachapuri we put the rice cooker House and include tunnel and ten minutes we open our rice and cotton wool overturn khachapuri you my taste she but it is the other bread Baking recipes rice cooker, you can look at our channel already on scrap but it helped object to morkovochkoy ludaeasycook as for khachapuri
  • 10:44: now we have turn Now I'll get a cup rice cookers on the movie pastel we now our khachapuri turn over and we place back wonderful brand an important water and wave now include rice cooker
  • 11:17: He won for the second time then the rim and our khachapuri will be prepared in ten minutes my bit my nose has been 20 minutes my cow Although smoking is very many masses see because I'm trying to post shove I want bullets wrapped around baking feedback
  • 11:47: hand me now very easy octopus me either bridge team some of you room and why call until Is hot it is necessary to grease a piece butter and intricate and beautiful though only for smoking May did not Om Nom
  • 12:23: boar while tossing my second category first on less I show what it beautiful inside doctor PASOK little while to crisp look khachapuri we must necessarily have hot Mischa even though we are many, and I sweets in someone straight hot and they are supplied to table waters to carrots for new Anfimova drove
  • 12:53: You see when the cheese It follows the most tasty bo mhe of bi smells lafuma and photo 1 hotel come on now, we tavern open draw fully and turn and open khachapuri in a rice cooker too ready khachapuri and why to object then with me Now we carefully We reach it run He has appeared look what great want
  • 13:26: round, we've got no worse than in the oven you have your sense of humor Oil can be someone who for the grant so the fight was and now we cut khachapuri we cooked lobster breeze lucky day rolled rolling storm shuttle lunch floor ozone khachapuri amenable definitely hot
  • 13:56: to the insidious on the table how this and how beautiful it is delicious command mobilize and rolling storm valve farmlyu flour our khachapuri ready I wish you a pleasant our appetite wonderful khachapuri ready khaki battle Thomas and khachapuri only if you
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