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  • 00:00: Hello this video I'll show you how use cord chord beginning knitting for finishing bottom edge start knitting way in which you do not have further think about finishing product bottom I recommend this finishing first and foremost on which patterns and alternate facial purl loops on the front surface of the ordinary the bottom product
  • 00:30: finished cord and chord yet twists so to finish product bottom where first of all used front smooth surface I recommend knitting separate strips and future when chewing her loopy but if you seam patterns present right and wrong loops openwork pattern if it harnesses and Arana and braids are different you
  • 01:02: All in all these cases, the bottom finishing articles cord record looks very good for knitting recruited spokes 3 in a conventional manner loop without turning spoke provyazyvaem the first loop face
  • 01:35: second and third loop loop knit more First Second Third loop knitting wrong side not I turn over and do not always looking at us only the front party It has been obtained
  • 02:19: lace with the same all sides again first knit second and third loops facial knit we need a cord the length of which we planned knitting Product is also admissible you need to dial the
  • 02:52: loop on your estimated 50 loops then you need to knit 50 rows cord as loops the spoke should be as much and should be cord series knit here is a lace
  • 03:41: It obtained knit how many rows you need to have to extreme cord loop close provyazyvaem As usual the first loop of the second loop the first loop thrown through second provyazyvaem and a third loop toss first loop through the third on spokes left alone
  • 04:14: loop Now you need to dial hinges on the edge of the cord first loop bead already have and start a set of loops painted cheer here it is important to go exactly pigtails without moving towards not grabbing somewhere loop here here here the main thing that it was flat braid loop gain can be needles can hook it's someone as comfortable
  • 04:44: spokes typed loop enough easily and last extreme loop all the edges of the product very neat already ready now remains to tie the selected pattern now and a little
  • 05:15: knit and show you that I came here knit pattern openwork pattern and here is how the edge products at knitting Aranov look like gently beautiful out today it's all up to the new meetings