I am shocked!!! 3 ideas - that it is possible to make of old HDD\/3 ideas - what can be made from an old HDD - YouTube

I am shocked!!! 3 ideas - that it is possible to make of old HDD\/3 ideas - what can be made from an old HDD - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi my dear friends! The sponsor of today’s video is “Western Digital” company, which has recently launched a new external hard drive “My passport ultra”. The memory capacity is up to three terabyte. Now it’s got a new backup software to Disks, ICloud and Dropbox. It’s compact and stylish. It’s sold in four colours and you can choose a coloured rugged bumper for it. You can acquire more information, following the link in the video description. I’ve got a new disk. Let me show what can be made of an old disk. First of all let us unscrew the seven screws. Six on the edges and one in the middle,
  • 00:31: which is hidden beneath the label. Let’s left the case back off, unscrew the screw and remove the top neodymium magnets. Very powerful neodymium magnets are used in hard disk drives that can lift subjects up to 1300 times its own weight. All modern drives have two HSA stoppers and two neodymium magnets accordingly. In order to take the second magnet we can unscrew two screws. Thus taking it out along with the keeper or we can unscrew the HSA and then pry it off with a screw driver.
  • 01:01: The neodymium magnets application is almost limitless. Let me set you a few examples. For instance you can use it for fixing and gripping. For toys and entertainments. For cleansing of engine and transmission oil. For finding treasure troves and lost things under water Remagnetizing of other magnets and so on. The second idea is about making a mini sandpaper from an old hard disk drive. To make one first of all we need to measure the diametre of the disk and put it on the sandpaper. I am doing it with the help of compasses.
  • 01:35: It’s better to use fine-grained sandpaper in order not to overload the motor. Let’s cut out outer diameter with scissors and the internal diameter with a utility knife. You can glue the sandpaper to the disk with the help of glue. But in case if you don’t want to wait for drying and if you want to change old paper for new easily, you can use double-sided tape. In general the mini sandpaper is ready. Let’s connect it to the computer’s power supply unit and start using it. Though it’s not big it’s quiet powerful. Its power is enough to sharpen screwdrivers, pencils, chisels and knives for cutting of.
  • 02:07: Usually old computer cases make too much noise. One of the causes except coolers is direct attaching of hard disk drive to the case. When information is processed hard disk drive reaches high speed andsome slight vibration occurs Later it turns to something far worse when reflecting from the compure's case. A small factory defect, bad soldering or even halfway screw into case will always let you know about them. In order to solve the problem we will only need to cut out four rubber strips.
  • 02:39: You can use an old bicycle inner tube, a broken child ball or just a piece of car rubber foot pad as in my case. Let’s screw the stips to the hard disk drive and attach it to a new place. A little below your CD ROM or even instead of it, if you don’t use it of course In general you get great results because rubbers absorb all the vibrations. This setup can also be called anti-shock. If you accidentally kick the case, it won’t affect the hard disk drive at all.
  • 03:09: By the way if you have ever violated your computer in some way, click “like” buttons and share in your comments under what circumstances that happened. Goodbye to everyone!