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Scrapbooking master class: chiffon flowers the hands.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to my channel scrub cache now you want show as I do Such are the fabric chiffon flowers I show you how applying them in its eve new year, I made a here such here cloth toys using trees if my flowers you would be interested I I can be removed separately video because I have them do here this a star and the case daughter did not receive the
  • 00:31: party such a nice little with bunnies flowers all that New Year's is not very well not like so for the whole family made gifts such so here as you can see two points to chiffon different colors I have the size take about same somewhere about five centimeters diameter somewhere this is more for example but basically varies about 5 cm the diameter of the can less do more
  • 01:01: in principle, as you as you like interesting chiffon I have a very different many colors all different too vlogs a pink peach mint beige honor white blue thy sorry for my voice and a bit of a cold that little suffer we and husky voice here and buying it on the market Well, I think that he
  • 01:33: all in all fabric stores sold it to easy to find any department of tissues not worth it by the way is not it is very expensive and so start take chiffon segment cut square and we form a circle diameter about somewhere 7 centimeters after As we in addition
  • 02:03: it will be a diameter of 5 cm and labor so decrease not necessarily flat circle cut completely not necessarily to he looked like a circle I already have several blank which I made necessarily need four different have large diameters We will be mediocre smaller and most little I do 4 tiers
  • 02:34: colors you can make but the number of storeys it is the taste and color but I came here to this optimum variant when I need 4 radius and 4 is obtained Now tiers of flowers we need Candle Lighter in I usually stove heat and so here it turns singeing
  • 03:05: the edges We do it carefully because you can burned as a as close as possible distances do stone and just as I do forms turned lepestochek then I do the same with
  • 03:35: all other I already have zagotovochka He stood up not to torture long process firing here I There are 4 4 ​​tiers have He has that so
  • 04:05: that will be here and so connect them and forming flower to the glue ruined your any surface where you do I take a piece of tracings why nuts because she is once it has smoothly It is easy to clean flower just when it will be pasted and if on a piece of paper will put it It may come off together with a piece of
  • 04:36: papers will be here such an ugly trail on paper but you can take all plenochku whatever use after all there for Apply the adhesive the middle of a droplet glue and then glue I. to hold the I come off as well We act with all the other tiers seredinku do
  • 05:12: again point with glue the fact that the glue our decor I have to start stuck tour they are the largest obtained the color is not the same shall we take gold as as we have a new year She holiday soon I should be so bright
  • 05:44: brilliant put sequins then disable and more top beads can barely
  • 06:15: beads add important microbeads and add I was once here manicure and a small-small Beads balls are in glass jar their I also used the unfortunately necessary ended now I am using so here neatly the essence here we stuck with us It has turned out such a great I hope to flower my my master class for you It was helpful and you
  • 06:45: repeat a all these flowers Thank you for your attention and bye Bye