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  • 00:00: So Hello, you channel while delicious recipes I'm 2 and today I want you offer prescription very tasty dish This pumpkin pie
  • 00:31: dough crumbs he is very crispy melts in your mouth well, just a fairy tale Products that we need for this wonderful cake is 200 grams butter margarine here I have two cups flour 150 grams sugar cheek. you is the floor teaspoon salt and
  • 01:03: Of course the film start now hats couple Mila soft margarine knife I add in his hand and you can add
  • 01:34: sugar very soon sleep Now it's all the dough you need to turn into crumb
  • 02:05: I usually do it hands hands more comfortable and faster like this that's way Basically all the dough ready to see it already it obtained as baby if sometimes across large pieces of it at all
  • 02:35: it's even scary A good test is ready now you need to rub pumpkins on a fine grater pumpkin from hell and then everything just I have a form detachable 26 centimeters diameter and the need to fight against the gods lay this form
  • 03:05: then pour then half the dough filling and then next half test begin mold is ready
  • 03:35: does not lubricate I need it now I pour out half test flatten it is desirable that there everywhere was rovnenko Now filling also desirable evenly or just PACE life circle Incidentally stuffing can
  • 04:07: add raisins or if there are nuts also be very deliciously today I a pumpkin and now I'm a little strew sugar does a little bit and now pour
  • 04:40: the remaining part test that it covered stuffing That's basically all very easy to care very fast and very very tasty Now We put in the oven at 30-40 minutes one hundred and one hundred and sixty eighty degrees and be sure to see anything never burnt because if the dough will burn it becomes
  • 05:10: solid cake is ready it turned out that's a light but I'm here and spread on a plate and now you can
  • 06:09: sprinkle with a little icing sugar Now everything is ready I know that the wine it is very tasty because I have this really I love pie often ready or ready and if a little bit and that's overdo it It is similar to stale but this time
  • 06:39: out very well he is bright and I confident that he is just It will melt in your mouth and just melt in your mouth stake tasty for today I think that we have with you all if you happened I liked this video leave your no comments click on the finger up and share videos with friends There are the following for new video necessarily subscribe to my let time channel
  • 07:09: I wish you fly Bon Appetit I have good and positive bye bye a