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How to connect a cap a turban as at Kylie Minogue by MK a turban  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello my Dear friends subscribers and viewers channel with you again Your Julia Magdich I I congratulate you on new 2015 all winter holidays makeup attached as Generally in the winter the height of but that is no reason indulge in beautiful and fashionable things and so I I suggest you say Here's a hat turban
  • 00:31: like Kylie Minogue By the way, in general look write your Insert comments your huskies if you I enjoy my video keep with me if you do not know cut and do not want You can be ordered here so that's wonderful body in my group in contact with and if you still have the handle you gold as I have
  • 01:04: then mercy I beg cap need for to do what I I am using yarn alize lanagold plus means here number one hundred Fifty-two colors and here Grams 140 meters yarn pretty
  • 01:37: volume here but that well-stranded easily and quickly tally composition here just in general than a good Winter Mighty 51 and 49 percent acrylic percent wool here Well get down like will knit our I take the body spokes I take on the end sleeves because I
  • 02:08: convenient here such here on the line is the number of 5 spokes and Pyaterochka standard do I set the loop I dial for a plague which shows you 25 stitches so we collect 25 loops including 2 edge and 23
  • 02:40: loop it will loop our pattern I knit pattern of plague which is called French gum is how we knit what we do next next standard shooting an edge loop first and first row provyazyvaem it we will actually seamy
  • 03:10: then knit 2 purl loop 1 the front face stenochku 2 purl face 1 the front wall and the front how to knit to the end
  • 03:44: a number of rings in both time will be 2 backstitches by the pattern and the last bead it also provyazyvaem wrong so now we will overturn is knit in our French gum we first distal edge remove more we
  • 04:15: by the pattern of facial 2 loops that we we do provyazyvaem 1 at the beginning do not touch provyazyvaem the rear wall 2 loop thread is passed Now we go back to the our first eyelet the rear wall Again the same is passed and remove the thread 2 even following loop seamy
  • 04:45: Again we have 2 1 petelechki e.g. We reserve back stenochku 2 provyazyvaem stretch thread Now for the back stenochku first loops and knit seamy same provyazyvaya to the end last loop
  • 05:16: an edge provyazyvaem seamy that is, we obtained facial 2 loop, as it were crossed between by a pattern between them and purl knit backing a number of as we were knitting its January 1 an edge remove and knit 2 purl but now all will face provyazyvat the rear wall to
  • 05:46: our outward pattern It was more luxuriant Gum was our then again the same 2 backstitches and facial the rear and stenochku in this way we continue to knit fabric we required length and what is the length I need you now tell how calculate what length
  • 06:16: I need it you contact me so we discuss how we draw it for I asked this help us ubuntu was as a model dress on supporting spoke our way referred to cook shaft and it will staple means
  • 06:46: is approximately half of the products and it is we should be rear exerted It can be done looking in the mirror to head like putting a towel when you kirova in this way to make ends they have been and now crisscrossing we see it on and
  • 07:16: we start back two tip here is that we get behind the two the tip of which we refueled and will then with you and and Hold this here and here Now sew for I start here these ends that we have behind us We are experiencing more here here seredinochku
  • 07:51: neat and remaining on the sides and here are the two seam that is, we of 4 was obtained one at the rear 1 on 1 here at the center and two on the sides such a plan it turns hat turban Now sew and see what we
  • 08:21: It was the result but as before sew course These must be closed our loops ie we measure defeated before a certain length after we tied that measured the us enough length in order shanson to get volumetric beautiful turban which, when This does not subside with head does not press the It has all your needs now you need to close
  • 08:51: we close tabs they will be the usual standard way can end in peaks you need to hook can close spokes that is, I closed spokes It means to close the loop we the last row must be Wrong provyazyvaem 2 purl face 2 nicego to purl end of the series and just close to 2 ie loops We take a grab for loop for the back
  • 09:23: stenochku provyazyvaem and clothe them the resulting loop ago, but the pizza again provyazyvaem two loops dress back on needle and so on until the end a number so all of our tabs is closed now we will sew
  • 09:55: we and what this way as I have I show note here This point can be for take this token you just need to count the loops there is the center and behold these like this
  • 10:26: and putting a We sew and so all and seams are here we have this turned cap itself within the left only fill
  • 10:56: starting neatly gone that nothing is no longer stuck and our folk hat billets, in principle, that's all I wanted to show you today and if you like my master class please put huskies subscribe on my channel add my videos favorites with you Julia was Magdich see you next
  • 11:26: my master classes all bye bye and Have a good mood