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  • 00:00: that's shy of java and my height world at war and they are with me chorni We talk about exchange games
  • 00:30: I Savelichu but than let's so this
  • 01:00: ok region I, too, our son by loans this and my husband is very so
  • 01:41: means moron yes e-my and not to the black night after another
  • 02:13: Thou snout white Thank you and himself
  • 03:10: Yes, let's eat meet me name Daniel Pluzhnikov I am 13 years old I want to give you
  • 03:43: a tribute, simply because we are here We hear different voices sometimes it is an absolute his voice to such a physically ears that hear sometimes some the other I do not know when they are united there is something such an amazing and I want to tell you singing you the way You know so well openly and without without share some naigrannosti just out to share
  • 04:13: something else because each artist each each performer who himself it is associated profession if you It may be a role for someone very big for whom it can be a little less than someone huge and so you inspire and words and music is It was know as lightly touching without exaggerations and But the fact that can make a person which, in principle,
  • 04:43: I feel very happy I'm with you on one wave appeared a very beautiful song and it comes to you very your voice and really to bob very true Now we are also told a lot of children facing this scene talking about
  • 05:13: is that there is very your voice ki technical issues and Still the most important a soul and you really grown-sung this song or not there subtract not add so thank you's this is a real reason I said a fighter because that until recently we We sat here and thought press press Just last verse so doge not doge did louder I did more and even a modicum of truth his back and put
  • 05:43: But actually here what grandfather. as well as general doing music two years of singing and for two years and vocals how is it that suddenly there came desire to sing or accidentally sang someone or probably noticed Mom me intuitively He led it takes in class I to this engaged
  • 06:14: synthesizer two years benefits to this but I still I wanted to sing well here and around the tank leader and hi very happy yes very much fast and to process large you just do a whole class and home