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  • 00:00: All the good time day with you again I Alena Romanova today we are with you We will cook multivarka very tasty tvorozhok 2 liters Milk pour in the cup mat is not necessary
  • 00:38: those in the mouth of his heats itself back over joy can rustic for always make out milk, two with half percent fat get good sweet cottage cheese that's certainly on
  • 01:09: amateur of course it is possible fatter color so we put a few Carrying me today as leaven I took homemade yogurt cooked mortgage leaven evitaliya so add 4 here are 5 tabs so Add 5 spoons pop tab can be used sour cream can be use yogurt trap on rally milk end spending less
  • 01:39: stir more and so should be well stir We mix everything and we put the cup multivarku and set mode
  • 02:09: may default, We should 8:00 but we hour or at 4 see generally lack of time four that have Pasha is just We began to start waiting 4 hours have passed let's see what we've got so Now we have such good pack clabber
  • 02:39: It was such here we have it very tasty and between way you can just eat a lot of jam just to separate the spoon from the bowl wall so turn off mode
  • 03:11: yogurt and include multipovar mode We set the time 1 hour and the temperature 90 degrees if not multipovar function
  • 03:42: then you can use the heating there about temperature somewhere degrees 70 80 this will enough to get curds and heated you can put probably more than Twenty-hour hour a half hour for everything Now we are waiting for an hour we I was see what we out very well the whole serum I have separated
  • 04:12: you have to show them Now we will fill our cottage cheese take into account large pot time Steve did not reach them soul
  • 04:42: cloth marna marna several layers of nulla ut He retained all the piece here such a Trani as the points I marvel that's it I use and all leave about
  • 05:12: Kasia an hour serum drain that serum our glass we now to shift the curds in we first container to weigh that I wonder how many of his happened happened in our four hundred and seventy grammes such delicate delicious curds in principle you can even eat without sour cream it is very gentle happened at we have 470 grams of tasty
  • 05:46: curds it serum very a useful product which can be baked bread oven pancakes make dough pies to muffins some hodgepodge like this serum and the just drink it many useful well microelements Well pleasant appetite to new meetings