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  • 00:00: why not speak from medical where their thousands going on in the zones and all the rest which the very most let's say simple which you can know before you need to know
  • 00:31: literally First Class where It is necessary not to be damaged no zones present what can need use do one's duty patriots of Russia but on the first thing we we can begin with head then eyes are damaged temporal regions the stone was fought stay Everyone knows the city how from here sleepy atrophy of 45
  • 01:01: degrees we have a trapeze sternum teat muscle 4 is scared participant in the graveyard we are over one a button for today usually 4 buttons shirt or there Jackets are sunny plexus under the heart eternally spleen inguinal folds
  • 01:31: naturally man nurse strengthening muscles muscle strengthening if ligament then area pulse and then take already as if by a field plan of the tour point which gives us the opportunity and painful effect both medical and therapeutic finger tips on complet expressions or reduction than also as a nose piercing there they learn their beams
  • 02:04: ear lobe and then too service take his finger here in hollow to put this subspecies the papa five degrees to this get yourself very unpleasant and painful nox and service is not do otherwise after comrades you get on your day and and good enough there is a dish clavicles such goats which is very easy
  • 02:35: breaks down Naturally these things to protect Apollo 12 that is very small often we can be injured The critical part of this is when filling out somersault son of a novice when I see that old people perform less easy at ease nothing in this complex there is no with small defect are stuck and turns it off out of action
  • 03:05: there is naturally each joint every joint is not protected and its blessing is not they did not take reserved that is periosteum garena and easily damaged s can be used painful point painful zone elbow and active room part how much nervous I swing axillary zone then same thing does Putin goats and gardens too
  • 03:36: very least for inguinal said inner side hips, external Thigh side up knee pain periosteum Does the whole damaged there is a rise or plus on a large finger and also party inner side external movements side
  • 04:06: turn back in principle looking than enjoy it already again how sciatic nerve tailbone coccygeal tail goes out here which is often necessary then I use did not use enough grants needed turn right share is that there you can not hit coccyx seconds beating the checks go out or she very long and building
  • 04:36: either for a short time out of thread 7 Accessibility we leave very painful impact naturally renal part of Ahmed said between the shoulder blades zone middle blade seventh vertebra skull base little by little I forgot well, it is very brings a feeling consciousness of type warming up about it leading to a tone and
  • 05:06: then on the head with this in a word do not understand much or body and head turn-based head and neck it on the battlefield. if a person does but again like that companion on the chin we are different in these cells weak that is go hands weakened for some reason you can give that power which has lost allowed this task therefore use this victim
  • 05:36: I used to know anatomy at least in such superficial moments knowing main points or zone points and zones combinations of which give possible person or raise or vice versa put some on They and that we ourselves do not traumatized there is and even not so I will say there is a building say, say
  • 06:06: Acupuncture or some points you know have had a clue so that this knowledge it is necessary to convey use some kind of I'm wearing though then a little translated who are your body Well, to your body I got there this to this goal and applied her knowledge you need to have more some know and your body does not damaged and that he did not hurt us use the elements lower acrobatics protection elements
  • 06:36: displacement other knowledge that from this opportunity be able to manage one's body so that we are the same The most zones and points are not damaged during operation when moving capris in its livelihoods so she's all unites what point which we to someone you want only points that are on us is located at We and the bison are not We need for why the seventh vertebrae and the rest less at the link from it is easier get on it you
  • 07:07: going to nerve endings and not and he is not the most It was strongly expressed it is quite bright how much power body one most large vertebra someone you have a sip from who are you even more you are expressed by one dream it is easy up to 20 at Overdose can be a person strongly say goodbye to him NATO provides enough good effect to
  • 07:37: immobilize a person turn it off consciousness and already because them or with a thread to knit here pictures cerebellum he is more grounded which is more sensitive so that less force need to apply and more life therefore I choose not to go under such conditions are located what part of the body do we have closer to this zone any zone which seventh vertebra even to me
  • 08:08: it's amazing that you ask since we about one year probably born and Soviet time showed a lot films of scouts and any firm you wash there they beat it someone else a gun anything that is, it's like they did not even know childhood learning any of these moments 8 vertebrae then there is a consciousness at once disconnected and the person comes the situation even sleepy series you are not worse
  • 08:41: You need to have experience know why this is can lead and so Well, by the amount artery by fingers break because here the soft zone is when you sew on bones then you are there like us why use also sex or earth love console is an order I I work that he understand what's on hard parts of the body we we try soft do aha soft
  • 09:12: it can be worn hard because if we are bones hit the bone then meaning and dice it also traumatizes and his health is more but there is something else this and that is not your bones will be damaged due to what before the officer is absolute in the Russian tsarist time taught weapons work weapons to the hands and face and body takes of course there were elements of boxing melee
  • 09:43: box item city battle so managed to learn work falls ruble that the nobleman and the brothers reached the steel so started the place on guys that is in a sleepy artery and throat are not gives good these Well, here you are, well, you do in the fight often who cunning use a glass of neck tea to next to the thumb or there still somehow when impact on improvement by Alexey someone too this
  • 10:14: will demonstrate