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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you the planet knitting and I Olga God today we learn to do tube set loop entry a number tube set loops reminiscent of appearance and properties Italian set Region turns resilient and elastic Gum related using this good way It retains its shape extremely stretched so the tube
  • 00:31: a set of recommended Knitting gum 1 1 and 2 by 2, and so we need auxiliary thread a different color approximate approximately the same thickness that most yarns or slightly thinner it is not we eat fulfill subsidiary dial-up number, and then Remove and but the number of loops you need to dial be twice less than required parts for knitting + 1 a loop
  • 01:01: eg I need dial 20 loops divide 20 two receiving January 11 10 + loops the free end of the thread and put a spoke in the right hand the thread extending from the coil put in your left hand and and adhere finger then draw out the thread around a large and pointing the fingers of the left hand introducing needle bottom raise up the
  • 01:33: by thumb grab the thread coming from the index finger and we pull loop We received on needle a crossed loop reintroduces needle sudamen else is thumb grab the thread coming from the index finger and tightens the noose not much hinges they tighten must be placed
  • 02:03: on the spokes free so we continue to set 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 eleven
  • 02:39: Now turn work and take the main thread the first loop is not shoot as we usually we do well provyazyvaem
  • 03:11: picking up the rear wall and so knit up the end of a number of facial loops of his pickup the rear wall work
  • 03:58: overturn knit the next row purl loops the first loop, too provyazyvaem third row will
  • 04:56: knit facial loops for the front classic wall manner as to knit end of the series overturn
  • 05:32: work and we see that at the bottom we obtained alternation of arches loops support and primary color colors the first loop provyazyvaem wrong and then We pick up the shackle
  • 06:02: loop primary color and toss it on left needle provyazyvaem loop on the front knit seamy We pick up the shackle loop toss it on the left needle and knit front and so knit up
  • 06:34: the end of the string of series purl and facial loop the last loop in
  • 08:03: number of turns backing from all We received 21 tubular loop is not dial-number ready now we need to remove auxiliary thread appears on
  • 08:55: simply we position the thread
  • 09:28: Now may be removed continue to knit the main viscous the first loop can be shoot as we We used to do for example, I continue knit elastic band 1 of 1 all today
  • 10:40: stay tuned subscribe to channel knitting planet on youtube goodbye