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  • 00:00: pattern with bulky bows is such is a scheme that pattern he is a simple pattern then there is a series of columns with one and two rows of sc columns without sc and it is in these two rows of columns without nakida located the volume batik there I'll show you just how to knit This bow to him all the rest is in general something in my very just so I tied a series of columns with one and partially nakida associated with a number of columns
  • 00:31: ie, without sc reached the place where will be here this volume bow We make it fit 6 stitches 456 loop and skip 2 knit 4 column without nakida it will be here lower tips bow such a tip
  • 01:02: and a second knit you air tip 6 loops 4 5 6 2 skipping loops knit 4 column without nakida March 2 4 Now knit the bulk of bow for this recruit 20 per Air loop 2 3 4 9 10
  • 01:32: 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20-21 skip one loop knit a column without nakida 2 polustolbika sc with bow our It links different high stvom bulls then knit 4
  • 02:05: column one sc 1 that 3 April 2 with polustolbika sc 1 2 column, without sc this is our half
  • 02:39: bow half 2 knit just as well column, without sc 2 polustolbika with sc 4 column with one sc 1 Entov 3 April 2 with polustolbika
  • 03:12: nakida January 2 column without nakida here such here at We had a bow Now we are here at this Here petelechku lift knit coupling loop on the main web passes
  • 03:44: two columns and finish number columns, without sc I'm here I end up in Generally if the knitting big easy I see here is the place where will be the next bow next row knit to the place where we attached a bow ie without the bars sc above the bars
  • 04:15: but without sc Now collect bow bow our It will be collected here in this way and for these We gather here he tips so here we pick himself a bow that is here add up big half of the in this way all attach it
  • 04:46: We introduce the hook in such a that's way between here those here the tips of the middle we bow collected and so to we did not have. and knit 2 column without thread nakida need here here here pull up to this Jumper was still one column without
  • 05:18: sc stretch thread that was plump it further we continue to knit bars without sc to the end of the series Here I was again color nothing there basic pink do 3 aircraft
  • 05:50: loop and the next row columns with will one sc primary color time we reach the place where We here this here bow and continue knit here on this here two words centuries that we establishes and bow further columns without nakida who have
  • 06:21: We mainly cloth Well, then, in general, the scheme are primary color another 2 number of columns without and a number sc columns with sc Here is such a bow I got here on it should be spread tips tighten that they were
  • 06:52: same here such Here's how it bow It looks great samples Let's see I was knitting in detail that's exactly the scheme but you might have bows close to one other or more different distances do but if they there will be several rows in general, that does not
  • 07:22: make sense distance is less than otherwise they friend other and are to find but if you let's make from fleas such a slips decorative you can Here the distance less so bows were quite next well, of course they may be different flowers of the same color that is, there is already combine both want but also as that's when it finishes just one rim
  • 07:52: also very beautiful looks can be used Here's a reception for finishing products some have of course in Essential Baby but on the cap and female in my It would be nice Here's a look Now with the rim bows subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new I have many videos ideas so ahead You will find a lot
  • 08:22: interesting success you and light loops