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Scrapbooking a master class - a casket in 30 minutes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends good Welcome to my cache strap channel today I want you show master class on that as done Here is such a remarkable casket box she is very I think that the fast any newcomer scrappy deal with it as exciting It will do this box with children but only natural under the supervision parents since the used to be cutter and ruler scissors he like me I repeat it very easy to do very quickly and
  • 00:30: It requires any special tools is a ramp I was doing street addition to such notebook in it usually purchase shopping notebook that which just this cover Oscar put the paper Now this has turned great So what set tools and materials us need for work for connection volosochek such that connects the cover and the main unit boxes
  • 01:00: I took kefir tape you can take if you do not have Such are the lengths of cloth gathering fabrics that simply gather zigzag scissors cut out of the ordinary piece of cotton tissue and multiplied the color of my way background papers and the size of these here slips four and a half two centimeters centimeter and length still porno tape 4 half centimeter if you brothers Further, we need
  • 01:32: necessarily cutter to cut Binding cardboard on can range from adhesives I took a normal pva Glue the classroom and for gluing paper I I will use double sided tape glossy, we need that sticking ribs cardboard glue them between themselves but also
  • 02:02: You can use a conventional it was only you longer have hold on cardboard we will need me the thickness of the beer half board sapplement half millimeter to this three years is not get half millimeter you can take a beer cardboard but as he looser took still Binding cardboard, and more so thick will need to
  • 02:32: two blanks 15 ten centimeters centimeters also two blanks 15 five centimeters and two centimeters 9 and the workpiece 7 millimeters by 5 cm n97 10 meters by five centimeters of cementing itself boxes I to take two sheets forums such skrapbumagi one sheet I have of graphic 45 2 fishing lines
  • 03:02: me from cranberries but if you do not have scrap paper or if you are not there the right color you can take as I He showed in as the previous videos make scrapbook paper I link from scraps This video will leave bottom or just Usually I paper pastel and it can also be quite I have pasted We cut paper
  • 03:35: need 4 cut 14 and 7 to 97 centimeters do the same with the indentation each party to looked nicer then 4 should be from sober 14 and 7 47 centimeters and 4 94 cut 47 centimeters You can can not take one design there Colors can take play with colors and where the outer side pasted one color the inner side
  • 04:05: I have a different color will be just that to do so on this stage it is already possible to begin gluing boxes Now you can have safely glued paper Now these are the two zagotovochki small front and on the inside You can also be pasted Now it's side also from the front and the inside Now this side It can be obtained take only
  • 04:35: front side verhushechku It can be pasted only top turns sticking sheet and up and down but our boxes You can also be pasted on both sides and you do not have the top paper I stick with bilateral aid scotch tape all perfectly will stay here it is. Tolkien did not all splendidly on even your postcards
  • 05:05: Now I try stick with bilateral aid scotch tape take here is such a Chinese double sided tape it good all attach eventually nothing all fall off shirred using Sticks are not scoring we firmly I stuck with aid mock knife remove the top layer you can do it
  • 05:36: of course, but nails I do not advise because paper meanly It gets under the nail then very discomfort of this happening take care of your nogotochki and handle them we still come in handy so neatly
  • 06:08: glue As you can see there is no nothing complicated no toxic and we do not work apply so as You can do all work with children will be very fun all same We make with all our blanks cardboard, and then I you will be back to show that we harness the horse got all I like cardboard
  • 06:41: you see aqwella And to put our two extraordinary part it is our internal cover the outer part of the pasted no internal sidewall, too inside of the Now we need to to stick connection strips of cloth we will stick them at equal distance and spacing and melt carton somewhere one millimeter
  • 07:11: stick and I will all using pva adhesive literally drops small applied training necessarily
  • 07:42: keep distance between cartons for to our casket well opened closed we today enterprise prashechka come to grips Now the top can be stick remaining leaf 2
  • 08:13: paper and in general that we all come to homestretch now we have collect all the paste and our casket I will be ready caused by memory perimeter thin guest adhesive layer now we will paste look denus is not because we boxes neatly edge
  • 08:45: glue butt as glue all the rest of our tank and a spoon Box will be ready hip, hip, hurray box we already all completely dried up she stuck glue all very good offer
  • 09:15: I closed like the result I am pretty paper as well as possible way approached this box is very beautiful rose I think it looks a wonderful gift will be some cute us in this casket you you can give I have a notebook or postcard do not invest and sizes you also You can do more less than under any format so even at home keep such
  • 09:45: jewelry small things I would be very nice because you made its own hands so cool it pretty strong it seems to me serve more than one year or if you do not like it here now here it is small small These gap on connection stripes you glue on the outer then the side of the box it you will be here so it turns out opened and shut me More like the style
  • 10:15: and aesthetics where that is, it looks sticks on the inside in general, all of the Thank you for attention all by herself, thank you for view will not hope that you get remarkable box its already you make themselves with their own hands also the box you can decorate how to be on top surround or decoration or all sorts of colors frame strazikami common to that your works fantasy wish you unlimited
  • 10:45: inspiration to all of all until the whole