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  • 00:00: pattern for the sample recruit chain of 19 stitches and 8 loop on the hook provyazyvaem first column two 2 nakida air and here is the second column two Air nakida 2 the third column those three columns we One common point column base 3 two air and fourth column 1 2 3
  • 00:33: sc 2 without air and the same element also in the fourth March 4 there are three columns with 2 nakida 2 air 2 two air 3
  • 01:13: in the end I'm worried already get a third column, without sc 2 the air at the end of viii Handle this columns and No. 1 2 3 column without nakida last Well this is the first series a recruit a chain of 3 4 5 two times
  • 01:45: three April 5 and dip. lifting and rotation now here are the same three elements column we have provyazyvaem here here Here bars for chain of two air January 2 air loop the second column with two sc 2 possible trinity and two air
  • 02:18: column, without sc fasten everything is already here here's between the first string But the third column between the second and third column without sc were attached Now we have two air once or twice and we provyazyvaem too bollards But under this first chain of two air January 2 column loops without
  • 02:48: sc and a chain of 5 3 May 4 this is how we It is part of all of us We go out on the design and 3 series and tied to 1 Now here between columns, without sc and starting the first need
  • 03:22: turn the next year I finished column, without sc right now I type chain I turn and here I start here These vyvyazyvayut three columns and France's here I cycle without column nakida here again three column at the end of column, without sc that's all the knitting he has both the parties may be Do not better wonderful it need and tippet ie cut pattern bilateral an interesting pattern