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  • 00:00: a few days It is a holy night and holy night need cook 12 meatless meals One of these dishes is vegetable soup and here Today I'll show you how I his cook and fell for the whole family vegetable soup but Then I take out what I I start brushing my potatoes here on this I took the pan 2 large and kartoshinu and one such mediocre Kartashov and the Century Spit washed by the number washed cut into two or three
  • 00:30: part flooded with water as I show also see that there water and potato's I do not pour water reaching the edge of where the so here March 4 duty fingers so here and so Three of my finger Now I put on the fire put fire I cover lid camouflage and potatoes let boil for 20 minutes so I do not forget
  • 01:00: it boils and potatoes boiled 20 25 minutes later I proceed frying zazharki borscht that is here taking skovorodochku pour sunflower oil pouring so covered bedplate as much as that was enough then chop the onion but there is the case of onions Diced not not very large very small
  • 01:30: mediocre and I put skovorodochku begins at a little longer heard shkvarchit's onion I will roast work on so I take morkovochku I rubbed on a coarse grater I do it so this is what I'm doing
  • 02:01: and you do as you do I show a lean soup borscht I do rubs somewhere morkovochka just average not very small petite mediocre morkovochka and rub the large terochku so I bow a little bit slightly browned I browned
  • 02:32: rubbed morkovochku and so that they can not not dirty dishes there I had this carrot straight from brown spread skovorodochku here it is on my morkovochka large torochke's it is extinguished then I take Bulgarian pepper
  • 03:02: can be little red you can zelenenky which have and cut into small pieces on it we are very small and very club request finely chopped so do not forget
  • 03:33: Stir to it everything was OK fire and I moderate hot not not strong and not so that was hardly a a moderate fire if it stew It could be seen under the I even need to show stewed peppers and I I put not so much just somewhere to know may even be said third part because in the first place
  • 04:05: He feels pepper I love my borscht family is very fond of while others may be it is not like many to treacherous piquancy this my favorite borsch Incidentally vegetable soup delicious I sliced so peppers She was cutting a little bit
  • 04:35: under and browned morkovochka bow and I I put here yet pepper that is, I I will not phased slowly all along a little bit I will take a little here red hot chili pepper Emir of it a little bit
  • 05:05: but what if someone wants that then I just grains I can simply delete cleaner add yourself in a plate about me I sent here for so a little bit to taste, I it will add a little a little bit again melenko grind and put it here, I one drop of it, and Now taste but this
  • 05:37: listens Passero go show kai priyatnenko color so and she found a colony wine wire priyatnenko light and it slowly pridushivaetsya all here so stirring all Passera is necessary look to fire Now it was not great I know tomatik its something of a tomato how I do it ripe tomatoes
  • 06:08: I have them fresh I twist on I bring to a meat grinder boiling somewhere five minutes Now add salt and in such a manner that's they fill in the hot bottle state due spinning lid and never in my stand I'll take over now! and perhaps cups somewhere that's asleep the cup is counted from
  • 06:39: while here without water to as tomato juice yes just tomato one is not strained and I fill in here in this passirovku half cup Now that its juice Here the so-called mother may twisted tomatoes there's nothing there no no vinegar here Only if mnozhko salt and nothing else here and now I intend to Vanin it very
  • 07:10: slowly Vanka it's all I have quenched as already under zarochka Here I am ready to show how beautiful she beautiful fragrant I it while brushing aside here rearranging the pan with potatoes for Sasha I am a little uncomfortable to be comfortable work and that I take out the potatoes
  • 07:48: it is almost I have it ready spread in I take out a plate with pots and potatoes spread in a plate platter enough dryers such Sandoz. I put still inclusive of maximum convened so the potatoes I I pulled out from the plate Now here I put beets
  • 08:24: judge whether beet beets I do not mean beet I do not like and do not poheru I cut up cubes I have it in raw rubbed on melenko grater and here and so put cleaner it will fail literally five minutes later he also in fact already on a small terochke's lemon It will be added Now that the storm I began taking Now half of the
  • 08:54: the average Buriak I have not beet passiruem I added and Buryachok for Fasolka boil too I did not advance if she is a young beans here young I cook it with potatoes and if here this winter beans I first provari I was knocked out such a good small and now this All Fasolka here such a small platter so I I put here to pour out But in this skirt so I
  • 09:25: it was necessary that triples he himself is a triple now than the carcass let it boil layer do with potatoes and for the price will boil and I will farther I knead potatoes so-called Sugar will Borschik you behold your light piece I did knead potatoes in the
  • 09:55: warming up very well developed so I broke up on pyureshechku but certainly not add them not Yulechka nothing here I completely changed times why I knead potatoes, I again I did not like potato pieces here but it is also delicious regulations and so on in such as me more like it so potatoes Yar took I advance here sliced cabbage
  • 10:26: Cabbage is not very many take it so well, that's equal about a bowl here I shred it, I not thin pieces large thin I shred pieces after I plant cabbage I put ready-made where beans are ready beans Buryachok I add salt but I add salt to
  • 10:57: Given that I howl tomato sauce which I I had prepared for the winter salt so there is already salt again a matter of taste who loved salt Only he amuses adds and here I am this spoon enough to Now the pot I Add salt I I'm doing more more add cabbage least add cabbage so added cabbage
  • 11:29: after the last cabbage I have the same cabbage brewed literally second, I do not like I digest colleague cabbage and enough Now we have begun to boil literally about 5 minutes I sought because I add here that potatoes that is, I as it is now all adding that tattoo I do not hide to the right I can record a very so we add this potatoes which I transformed into a USB flash drive creatures I enter into soup pot
  • 12:00: I'm here a pie I added what I'm doing I put on on bay leaf Sleeper already put put laurel leaf 2 leaf this pan not important enough forgotten by his get because we all know that bay leaf despise little Hot then himself end did not forget his
  • 12:30: Now take it boil and I add I add the most delicious thing that we posed here at the feet of a great onion 1 carrot 1 carrot somewhere a half or third of pepper Bulgarian large the first harmonic and slightly bitter and pepper and in such my cup
  • 13:00: home I call tomato Now that's all I add to the pan Here she is now Add all boils So soup and simmer latest I add all greens. who saw and I add the dill is necessarily parsley green onions slightly
  • 13:30: bit and I love celery all love my whole family and celery and this necessarily latest I turn, I add I want to still He is shown at path or so I do show What a beautiful soup red much higher here then beautiful red borscht and that was still want note here I have not topped up and the water in the three fingers to what extent we must all rise take this into account 30 times you begin to cook soup and all this lay potatoes there fierce
  • 14:01: seasoning and as it has not enough space here to which he density I also want to show emptiness he is good in the thick not measure liquid that is as though I ate soup and ate here you post and Borschik and latest all I get enough sleep potion fall asleep here parsley dill celery it attaches special smell and very
  • 14:33: useful here is that I turn off the stove and in so like mine electric range it will be more minutes I I know cushy 10-15 Here is how the cleaner to infuse a little I do not close tightly so I cover it will cap insists somewhere forty minutes be delicious watch
  • 15:03: who was not an option for my recipe soup cook and try and you will Well there is not satisfied meat without bones clean vegetable soup is very, very tasty enjoy all appetite