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How to grind thin and not only drills? Effectively and not worse than a sandpaper.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everybody will be discussed today He sticks is your love I see on the Internet pretty often u-tube subjects of people tusyat drill I do not know how need to correct I do not know about as I do now! I'll try it display means The idea to drag
  • 00:30: gray on the bar It came to my mind on thin villages nasdaq He shoots a lot and from the long needed Drill still I did not happened then I went on the bars for natural bar then it all instantly I came here I I found at all risks Blunt thin drill believe not drag it here let's drill make it an island in It leaves only I I think that the minute one and a half
  • 01:00: to sandpaper it will take much more firstly when we we gain the saddle it has to buy right angles sharpener the same has been set it turns me on it well, I do not know, I do not his supporters changes in principle gray after factory as always, new drill takes good so it's I try to grind always put contact area very little sample area for small ear bar so Sarah sharpened
  • 01:30: pretty fast here the main catch and this one little corner that was set at the factory yet but this new raw I have not reground eh to have to sandpaper me all one facet ready everything is ready and the second
  • 02:12: the brink of all this is sverlyshko already badly I get a drill more subtle steel in such villages I Basically, even if they break drill such thickness and even manually broken drill I pumped to the bar because on sandpaper slightest touch large sample is and nothing it turns on wedges easily all
  • 02:45: This is the second facet everything was already acute it is very repeated factory sharpening Only I did it even I did not sharpened I drew so here let's say that's all so fast we they try to work
  • 03:15: also continue to Eventually, I began to try to be witty here here are the severity and then when they asked sharpening angle to such master herein diameter up to 6 millimeters even more than that is completely free Well need I was Surozh tip of his darkened visible if that is not well let's try Now that it is make we on the verge Saturday
  • 04:08: The second principle is already Well, that's what happens
  • 04:42: samples fine cheese in Now try this
  • 05:14: his in trying now it's a drill in the so
  • 06:08: this way I I take a very long time novelties as 10 for 15 years that is not always need emery You do not always need him run enough to have three handles on the bars and thanks to all the work for the attention put and your fingers subscribe to my channel she did thanks all bye new appointments