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Video subtitles:
  • 00:01: In this video tutorial we learn to knit jacquard patterns two-color knitting jacquard implemented immediately from two different mitac for this both threads put on forefinger the left hand and then knit by the pattern of our scheme is admissible provyazyvaem in next st
  • 00:31: front loop pink etc. knit another front loop Pink colour picking up only pink thread then knit blue thread picking up only one blue thread and again blue thread and this turned out
  • 01:01: Jacquard series note that on the reverse side we formed broaches not possible knit and without broaches I will show how now I'm done provyazyvayu loop blue thread I grab the blue thread and provyazyvayu
  • 01:31: I have the following loop should again but knit thread I need to do so arose interlacing and I will grab the thread is not so as early as before I like that it did and in another way I start spoke for pink thread then I pull the blue and provyazyvayu loop
  • 02:00: then it is necessary to tighten pink thread to it was not seen later I'll knit pink loop and it as usual and after Then I provyazyvayu pink loop It has different I grab it here in such a way tricky and there weaving on
  • 02:30: rear side of the work may be such options let not it is necessary to knit blue loop I provyazyvayu front loop and again Blue second loop I just now provyazyvayu it differently I am looking for some ispodnizu first under the pink I grab the thread blue and provyazyvayu
  • 03:01: loop and pink thread We should be a little bit pull that it could not be seen from the front and now I knit just a lot of pink loops and look what is happening on the inside as you can see there is absolutely no broaches All loops have and sleep well, and turned
  • 03:31: very beautiful and conveniently good people put huskies and then we We learn that worked not in vain, and to new lessons subscribe or even miss the most interesting