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How to connect an envelope children's (from 0 to 9 months) by How to tie a blanket for children (0 to 9 months)  See details »

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  • 00:00: on the spokes number 35 I He scored and ninety eight loops and knit 5 centimeters pearl pattern pattern then I I entered to start pattern means 1 bead 6 loops pearl and pattern further introduce our Spit 2 purl loops 12 2 purl face 12 facial and so I turned on the width of 6 once again the pearl
  • 00:30: 1 review on the lip a height of 43 centimeters I knit 1 a back row for what I have done, I then you explain it beautiful bend it there you see it Here's how bends like the gopis need ching beautiful falls for some reason I like it here is one he will not corrupts absolutely product, but it shares, as it were here this front
  • 01:00: planochki and back here our back on I provyazyvala have pattern that is, the so-pearl and remains our Xhosa 1 here it is simply embroidery pattern that There are 12 facial 2 purl and 1's here to explain the side why because when we sew here and firstly why I I did not continue in the pattern back because I seems that he little for the kid
  • 01:30: but it is rude here here here myagenko obtained All well and beauty property here is we sew our hood This is such an occasion so it would be desirable here then I'll buy I made five hole for buttons you depending on the size of your envelopes of course you can
  • 02:00: do often as possible do little as possible do snakes like that there is all of your discretion I did button-down I will buy beautiful buttons and sew show ready-made product means rest of the world do only sew kapyushonchik and do here nice trailer here in principle, all that It can be done and can handle items you can sew fleece that is, if it is
  • 02:30: It assumed to be winter variant of such delirium can sew fleece that's inside in Basically it will be very warm here It can be done and cases fur trim, too very beautiful look that is all to your notice So this is our children's envelope tally of just such branches very thread very softly, I see I'm in
  • 03:01: 2 addition is here that that it is necessary for such a Products and scored on spokes number three ninety eight loops and start knit and normal I knit at risk planochki 5 centimeters on each side I and risk 6 loops and remain around the perimeter of the envelope so a knife edge 5 cm ready Now we begin to
  • 03:32: trace our language so I provyazyvayu remove one an edge on our risk generally very fit just explain one 1 Wrong loop knit front face row knit purl pattern and in the third we change the number of
  • 04:03: Figure that's how I Now we will show 6 loop is the edge of which we will go look for all our product and so I Wrong I see the front face I I see the wrong in 2346 so I show that we do next
  • 04:35: knit 5 centimeters god says so cuff 6 eyelets so we left, and the risk of the edges that will be to go and I have already introduced pattern consists of 12 loop braids and 2 petelechki we let's say it separation strip between the braids
  • 05:05: now we will knit very plait pattern itself here I got 6 such Grade 6 will so here our eyes I will show how he we fit in here provyazyvaem just
  • 05:36: facial loops 2 is now purl 3 remove the hinges on needle and leave Call tying 3 loops provyazyvaem so that facial
  • 06:09: provyazyvaem our three loop more needles and now shoot 3 loop and leave them before work 3 facial provyazyvaem and now provyazyvaem 3 loop with our Supplementary
  • 06:41: needles all Our pattern is ready