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Border for a children's plaid a hook.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman you Again, I Kristina path, and this is the second knitting lesson baby plaid Crochet last lesson we are linked pattern spider our rug I linked here such sample in this tutorial we will contact you to knit harness for this plaid we need yarn of a different color from the
  • 00:30: I have this white yarn and the hook of the same rooms as we were knitting but also the base web two and a half and so first thing we We make an initial loop yarn which we will bind harness we do first loop and we postpone further We take our canvas and find a little corner We introduce the hook in
  • 01:02: the second loop of the Corner from the front on the wrong side so you should hook face the wrong side then we take our loop and grab it, and We carry through the loop paintings then we We do another
  • 01:34: and here the same loop knit a column without sc further we provyazyvaem 5 stitches 45 and reckon it our web too five air 5 hinges previous number yield 1 2 3 4 5 and the sixth knit again
  • 02:07: column, without sc 5 again, the air loops here to view canvas 12345 and 6
  • 02:37: loop knit column, without sc so we associate completely all our plaid by the angle spectacles Now I'll show you angle as glasses 345 at
  • 03:26: So we reached our little corner here we were binding 5 stitches and we introduce the hook
  • 04:01: just as in the second loop from the little corner we do not believe there I have been here for five loops previous row we just gave to look to was one little corner loop and after was one little corner thus the loop at the I have with him will not He pulled together Corner we will have such a
  • 04:31: one two free three or four here also, we believe in the the sides see also after carefully As we have described waves plaid and we coupling loop and joined the first loop with the last loop have the last loop a first column and We do 3 air
  • 05:02: lifting loops etc. do nakida looking here in the arches of our 5 stitches a third loop input it hook grab working thread and knit this loop 3 column with overall a common base of
  • 05:32: common vertex is Three sitting here are not finished and columns with sc with a common vertex 200l common vertex on 3 aerial loops New nakida do and
  • 06:02: here again we the same loop then again provyazyvaem the same that is three column with sc unfinished with a common vertex here so should be able to and the next column sc without a knit a regular column with sc
  • 06:33: So then repeat all We are looking for the same thing the third air not knit loop and 3 unfinished column with a sc common vertex 3 air loop and again to the same 3
  • 07:05: unfinished column with a sc common vertex and again 1 column with sc so here it turns out this is the second a number we were binding as to corner and corner of I
  • 07:38: I show that we do next when we reach the corner here we were binding only 5 stitches 45 and knit next column, without sc column with the sc there is a corner we
  • 08:08: It left empty here so on are all the same most find the third loop knit in it 3 unfinished columns with a sc nakida general apex 3 air loop and again in the same loop 3 unfinished columns with a sc so common vertex then a circle in a corner the glasses are missing make 5 air loops and just
  • 08:38: column with a sc on the other hand is in we have 2 of our series of boards 3 number of matings do air loop and the same loop We do not bar sc further knit 3 air loop and here here here we find seredinku between these hotels here at us like petals
  • 09:09: to have turned previous number here we have 3 aircraft loop between petals, we take Now in the midst of NCI 2 that we do sc in the loop provyazyvaem 3 unfinished column with a sc such common vertex as we have already knitted in previous row but only between them not 3 aerial loops a1 made one
  • 09:41: air loop and to the same knit three unfinished columns with a sc common vertex on again 3 aerial loops and column with sc previous row knit a column without nakida like this on again 3
  • 10:15: air hinges seredinku knit our petals between them We forget to make one air loop the census
  • 10:54: Well a as it turns out rise tied sand dropped We made no bar sc rise tied petals We dipped made column, without sc so knit up a little corner the third little corner
  • 11:25: row we were binding 1 polustolbik with sc within 5 columns with sc 1 that 1 and 5 again polustolbik with sc
  • 11:59: without further column nakida here in this our column with sc previous row and remount three air loops in the middle of a between the petals foxes. the same as
  • 12:33: in this way obtained shells here are and rounding it the last number of our ligaments are all if there is a clear what questions write them a video and I still leave a reference to his Group VKontakte there you will find schemes Attending to the present
  • 13:05: basic pattern and trim until all meet new video at