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Master class: we knit a toy whale from a knitted yarn. Part 3.  See details »

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  • 00:00: now we will do that icons for our the whale will need make either advance before as to start working if this is from one coil either glomeruli colors that you more like either same color well as I already said one thing a tangle of yarn is not enough in any case it is necessary from some remnants do tournaments we we will make two details lateral and two parts back fins for
  • 00:32: to do fins to us need to do first make a loop follows in ring and into this ring just pass here the loop now mine also will be prolonged just and here we are on the hook you need dial six loops 1 2 3 46
  • 01:09: and another loop elevating now enter the hook here in this loop is is obtained if count the loop on hook 1 2 3 loop if hook if they do not consider that 12 2 enter the hook grab a thread from we have two loops and provyazyvaem separate next loop
  • 01:42: pigtail we make a cape on the hook we introduce hook in loop grab a thread we draw three from us we will also fasten the loops further we make a CAP insert the hook into the loop we pull the thread a now I'm mating but in turn first two loops then molds again the same
  • 02:14: the most expensive to go out on blame the bandages first two loops then again this is when I repeat what I did the round here pull the thread and tie whether together now last loop without a crochet just winding the hook pull the thread and I sew two loops
  • 02:45: on the hook turned out one tournament marry pulling the hook together from how to pull the hook and Here is this thread, we just get into limit and hard for those and with these threads we already about fin to our product I would like to say that
  • 03:15: of course there is many ways make fins but here and looked photos of real whales to wildlife and it seemed to me that they still have them here such oblong, that is can be done some openwork here but I somehow decided that you are more like and done very easy so let's do it once more quickly now you are faster yes made a loop 1 3 4 5 6 on lift loop
  • 03:53: did not mention and so on replace and fix
  • 04:28: everything got 2 the positive now doing the back plan checks and I will not ask you as well as only bind were on both sides 6 loops for lifting accurately
  • 05:06: also first the without a crochet then half-shell with crochet 2 columns with crochet half-loaf with crochet and pile without a crochet here we
  • 05:38: will do air loop and turn to knitting in another country means in this loop we do in the first column without the next a half- loop loop with cape the next loop bastion then again the column
  • 06:14: with a half-peaked crochet with a crochet there must be a trust and a column without a crochet now I suggest make connecting loop this pigtail which we are the first we see the hook pull the thread and
  • 06:44: do sit and now they cut off thread only this one the tip is cut without cutting off the working We continue the thread recruit with loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 one lifting loop and the same
  • 07:14: most absolutely column without crochet cantilevered column cantilevered column one more column with on the back of a half-roll with cape and just a bar
  • 07:45: let's do well turn to knitting the other side first loop without cape half-shell with crochet if you look here they go to the deer another where
  • 08:15: column without crochet where polustolbik so on here they go parallel to each other two bars with one cape austrum and column without crochet
  • 08:45: here too it is possible fix it in the following way we will cut off a smaller hook pull out and now we see this first we are making a pigtail Here is a pigtail circle
  • 09:19: slightly less stretch the thread and then same place from where the thread goes out again we are stretching it from us it turned out imperceptibly and completely completion here she hides the tip and respectively move on to decrease