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Nozzle for the screw gun, electric drills for cutting of a tin  See details »

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  • 00:00: I welcome all who watching this video this video I want pokozalos helpful nozzle screwdriver or electric drill Not so long ago bought Here the nozzle this nozzle intended for cutting sheet metal well, or we can say also for tin suitable for cutting and corrugated Iron is very good cope with this and I want to say but it's so compact
  • 00:30: It weighs only 400 grams and when I first I saw on the Internet at first I did not know for which it is generally necessary and then somewhere I several times and past and missed then still I decided know what it is I did not recognize that it is necessary for cutting sheet metal well, of course I did bought came here this two weeks nozzle
  • 01:00: who by the way interested in it head screwdriver or electric drill You can look in description of where the video you can buy it it costs quite inexpensive and very much want say a good thing Well, she's here comes from this package let's open see what It is in addition to most tips in Comes here
  • 01:33: this nozzle here comes the head itself it directly itself cut sheet metal components Here is a key to But with one hand Allen to the other hand open-end wrench and if I am not mistaken 12 Now it's this shank that's shank
  • 02:03: screwed to the cartridge but this part directly itself cut the metal sheet Here's the way I want more say that here this The handle itself unscrewed I'm here on this side also the same knife here you can handle utter a word that's not here as you can see there is These are the threads way to say
  • 02:34: if such ease Here are the nuts here these These knives can be turned under any angle at any degree they revolve around and then Now you can pre-load the nut of the matter is that that this one here is she's this very tip is very simple arranged here these knives work by this eccentric generally let
  • 03:05: see it in but I want to work to say that the very well it cuts sheet metal honestly tell me very much for I had not met such nozzles and when I found out about the nozzle into Internet enough many videos like on Well, let's tips see how it It works in general Video continue general as I see
  • 03:37: I set here this nozzle on the screwdriver and that's how you see at startup screwdriver that's Now this knife I moved here sliced using here this nozzle and here see that Andrei address and it turns out here such small chips well, let us show you how all metal works thick enough somewhere 0 5 millimeters work is done but
  • 04:07: How to set and turn in general, as you can see
  • 04:40: the effect on the face quickly convenient and high-quality so it's just iron mace's simple galvanized let see how it galvanized take see all the works
  • 05:16: great now I have there is such a metal tube thin-walled, and here I am already I tried to cut and let's set try to cut now I clamp and set fire to it and try cut along asshole typed
  • 05:48: inserted all begin to knit Well, it keeps
  • 06:32: So here it is useful device for DIY everyone loved This video set huskies subscribe on my channel Thank you for your attention