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The Comodo Dragon browser - itself translates and keeps bookmarks

The Comodo Dragon browser - itself translates and keeps bookmarks  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to all I'm a lawyer shatokhin today I I want to introduce you with comodo dragon browser from the chest of drawers which is known their protective systems as antivirus and firewall and and now they have released someone dragon relatively long probably three years backward and today I have you with I will introduce him to example I just want to show its one in my sight of the best things
  • 00:30: so I started emsisoft and here in english language constantly news in world of emsisoft and here you see that English text and immediately connects google translator because that the browser on the engine google and here you see that completely translated all text and he's enough here great and he
  • 01:00: translates here too connects the order forty two languages almost like me told dekster well, that is the same most translator here it is built into browser that is nothing to press he must himself automatically and here by default you can if you do not need russian language need to click show the original or if you want here change what to example from the Russian
  • 01:30: translate to example Ukrainian Yiddish there is Belarusian African for what anything, but here settings specifically for this page but always translate from English for Russian from this setting you you can configure this way as you like and this browser for example translates not only to example if you have default English in Russian for example yesterday I went to Czechoslovak sites have I immediately suggested
  • 02:01: Czechoslovakian on Russian and the button here was translated I pressed to translate that he also offers I was all on Russian, that is very convenient browser here for this purpose in order to if you do not own English language share any others then he is calm with you unobtrusively translates if you do not need translation into clicked show the original and its second the difference is that many ask for example and how to be
  • 02:33: bookmarks if I I'll move on to someone dragon his google engine and I have all the bookmarks in Mozile by the way here this browser is much faster than mozilla but by least of all I someone says that they have his mozilla is better from me mozilla refused though some years enjoyed only but because she had problems with the application player then nor was it in the online
  • 03:05: he showed the video then did not reproduce music how much I am neither fought nothing I have turned out to be switched to comodo dragon on which It has long been and then though they are his loaded with protectors what is he generally stopped breathing but just recently with half a year ago I'm at He returned and it turned out that very even fast and they are all corrected by the way if you have suspicion that like this one page but there are some spyware or
  • 03:36: viral is here knob web chest inspector inspector click this button and it's for you now scans this page on which you are emsisoft com and now you will give and there is evil here harm or not here Well, here we see that site completely safe and now you will show that if u
  • 04:07: your example was mozilla browser installing comodo dragon you offered all these bookmarks intercept you of course, this agree well from any browser and you will be created here this is the folder I did what I did bookmark settings show panel bookmarks she stands here on default and here here is the folder on which
  • 04:37: you click here it here are all your bookmarks what were in the pier Here and now which are added right here to add bookmark example, if this page then you click here and here here you are clicking ready and where to the panel bookmarks or there choose where you want need and is added very simple and then it is necessary add to browser adblock plus
  • 05:07: I like to you as usual I will give my video link to comodo dragon age official website he perfectly free j addition to from adblock in browsers for mozilla firefox for opera for google chrome for safari and just usual here for internet explorer but for the Internet the explorer is necessary net framework 35 you need to establish that adblock adblock earned what is it for?
  • 05:38: we go to this example komodo dragon it on the engine google chrome respectively, if y you notepad active link active you click here and come in or copy and and and insert in browser in which like for example comodo dragon it on the google engine chrome in the same place and insert or just went in and here you are invited establish adblock plus it blocks banners popup
  • 06:09: windows and video ads even on Facebook and on th tuba protect your online confidentiality fast simple installation you click install you have installed then a window pops up so that more to subscribe to close agree you have here appears this window which in in social networks will all pop up and block advertising and some banners which are not very complex will also be block myself somehow ran into
  • 06:39: so that on two operating networks in different local I forgot the one install adblock the browser went to site on which was usually and immediately shlopotal banner went to another very I was surprised to come in with another windows on the other local same browser all is quiet I download everything I see There is no banner and then saw that on that on the volume of windows that I installed on his hands
  • 07:10: another local area network and installed a comodo dragon no, then I had mozilla and forgot install adblock plus I'm a weak tall bomber here on on that windows on 2 and Then I realized that it protects not only from advertising but also from banners this the banner I won very quickly was recorded in advance or in seated rebooted and all business Here I am showing you what is it so I will show
  • 07:40: now others bookmark settings i already shown in principle, he is very active here is the scale what else did be sure to show here it is by default and for example if you do not you know you can click control on keyboard left and right with the mouse we twist wheel on the mouse and
  • 08:12: here we change the scale so here it is then shows plus it added to plus 125 you or in a minus is will you press and then by default it you will have what it was if you are again lost their way under the example of minus left you shows in negative the magnifier is here minus presses again to default again will be like you had one hundred percent there is very convenient so
  • 08:43: next look here in settings if, for example, suddenly you English although it's default is established Russian you are here him and change but here for example still show I can select search engine by default for me index can install google just here is the engine from Google and a separate panel search engine no this
  • 09:13: address bar performs the function u search engine so on we look automatic renewal compulsory show additional settings well and here language settings input method there there will be gulagas Russian English English here I have in Russian Well, there is still where to save uploaded folders so
  • 09:43: something I do not find but she is here something I'm here and here it is download and I have is set to work the table clicks choose everything I want still show adblock extension i installed later chest web inspector be sure visual bookmarks in principle, everything is here additional superfluous reports
  • 10:13: Bookmark it does not have the he does not load easy convenient translates a lot himself intercepts bookmarks that's who will like it here is a browser welcome so here are these all the links I will place below the description and I want to show that who likes to have a mazilu even someone from the dragon in he is completely interface like mozilla but just someone
  • 10:43: the enemy is on google of scam engine and applies google translator Well, that's all for nothing you are good until meetings subscribe to my channel to new meetings