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New Year's Cake without Pastries in 30 minutes! "Зефир cake in Шоколаде"! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: I greet you on our kitchen today I I will cook marshmallow cake still in 60, my mother his first time cooked and since this marshmallow cake became our brand dish who wants to learn the recipe Cake Stay us [music] I take 200 grams softened butter I add a jar condensed milk is approximately 370
  • 00:30: gram and interrupting mixer I broke up with a mixer two or three minutes here such consistency we turned mixture was taking 400 gram cookies melted milk and grind blender [music] I ground the here before
  • 01:04: such a state grind cookies pour into our mix I take two glasses walnut you You can take one and a blender to grind but not very finely [music] Nuts I also pour into Now cup
  • 01:34: carefully all stirred's dough ready now I will proceed cake formation Next, I take 500 grams white and pink marshmallow and placed on a first plate layer pink marshmallow [music] I greased the top
  • 02:10: marshmallow test [music] the first layer we Now I'm ready second spread layer of white marshmallow [music]
  • 02:44: close test second layer [music] cake almost I am ready to continue going to fill it with liquid chocolate
  • 03:14: further take a tile dark chocolate is 90 grams 50 grams of milk I pour milk chocolate and put and microwave oven first 30 seconds Next you need to look the process Melting will have another 30 seconds can be another 30 before moment while formed homogeneous mass melted chocolate three times I left it
  • 03:44: microwave on 30 seconds of the 90 [music] and sprinkle the cake nuts [music] here's the cake, and ready Now it should be
  • 04:15: put on two or three hour in a refrigerator that he stood Now I have prepared marshmallow cake thanks what it It smells very nice for its delicious beloveds and in just 30 minutes Well now It left us alone try cut cake look how turned sectional beautiful cake like always happened
  • 04:51: This very tasty cake deserves attention and place on New Year's table all pleasant appetite thanks that were with me and watched my video if you pleasant place Like subscribe to our feed Happy New Year to you happiness and you health sweet New Year holidays [music]