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  • 00:00: Hello dear I have you ends Her mood here such prices w what we have done and I will He told how as a you can make their own hands but today let's talk about is what you can do lengths New calico our theme that We visited January see how many I have here is already
  • 00:30: Now all these seeds plants can be network it is winter and some plants to sow it I Only from what I want warn that's not to sow all row must somehow first Russian calculate and own strength time for care seedlings in well Second area and your windowsill you Please note that ahead of us by liabilities will be with you peppers eggplant machines and they too
  • 01:01: will need somewhere locate and if we are all rotten hour the flowers the place we just may not be enough and so what we sow January, but the first is plant which It requires some I stratification He told one of the rollers that such stratification and Now we a small screen You see a list of those plants which stratification need but I will only here
  • 01:32: two ask e.g. Aquilegia is very I urge all grow this Flower in general unpretentious and varieties are now great amount They are yellow and dark dark violet almost black and they two-color and Terry and what not only here but you the sale of such bushes aquilegia You can not meet but from their seed very possible
  • 02:03: grow scatter certainly will have you have a large ie maybe not so much completely shown in kartinochku because you know that 7 seed characteristics not passed a hundred but the percentage of those not Still, you can get very interesting painting then here I will I show it saxifrage Arends all probably know yet she is not really have a name
  • 02:34: grave grass here moss she is and then it looks his little white flowers pink or such flowers and mat just a what forms it sow you know here dear friends there Internet can even see such design solutions Now when the stones shop used as curbs or as fencing this club is very to live beautiful
  • 03:05: a short, bordyurchik but in this case, really need many plants and seed multiplication but here, too, justified it here those plants which possible stratification and yet you spisochki brought to the screen now even look But with the stratification better sprout strawberry If fresh seeds possible without the sow during defecation it but if you suddenly rises the seeds you have on for some reason not
  • 03:35: it is possible to ascend put the seeds in refrigerator as I have I tell in the previous the video that is already sown in refrigerator and they germinate better here I look out our online store I took much here varieties and finely tight and that is, large-fruited you can then have the same grow enough good seedling here If a large-fruited then there here can be doubts and get Do the same major
  • 04:06: there are obtained berries very obtained that's so shallow fetal everything is wonderful It turns out I got a body repeatedly and white sowing and red and yellow I have come zemlyanichka now it I already have multiplies I pour Of course no longer seeds mission yet Now please even why strawberries to sow winter it develops very for a long time and now to a spring you got bushes already in this
  • 04:36: finished owl harvest and please feel free to network and but I must say winter that strawberries It grows well sown in March month here remontant varieties in You will have time to the end of summer to harvest well, conventional varieties course there they have gone simple green bushes on next year naturally March sowings will grow much much easier here so choose What you the option Are you closer the winter
  • 05:07: it will sow so you leave it here in March now here This wonderful plant eustoma not know everything is the name it cut plant chno and sold these wonderful flowers flower shops bouquets very well are being taken away and they can be to grow in the garden here is an analogue of such cut flowers it
  • 05:37: carnation Chabot but here's the usual terry vodichki it too large cut a gift bouquet but here are two step not stick all turns grow green bushes and good it is a new bouquet not the quality of the flower Now it turns out that south and I have many many Examples heard that very well at She has only This subtlety and yield should be very
  • 06:07: monitor the humidity soil and after it will sprout it We need to reduce temperature develops to euston So slow so, too, and that's I advise the network in January necessary supplementary lighting sure and that's what Regarding eustomy and many others to become flowers in the morning and evening dosvechivat not received enough of coverage because day we too cloudy weather
  • 06:37: dramatically from light window is not enough and you have the day plants will they stretch evening here is you only modify turn in the morning and after work so do not get it still you will be reach so put under a lamp and hold 14 hours and 12 exactly when this full-fledged light eustoma very different her wonderful there gentlest
  • 07:07: color and pink and white and bi-color and uncommonly lilac such nice addition Her buds reminiscent of a rose her and called Irish rose should try plant to try to grow here is a very great Flower just if undemanding have a thin sauce like a little tinker behold Vanka wet or
  • 07:38: Impatiens he sit well It does not develop only just that you long for it development is to get blooming bushes by May here are three sheets to this balsam what is it blooms on Throughout the summer, It is not characteristic from here it is description yes it is own experience if it starts in May blossom ends before frost
  • 08:08: frost kills it but here it blossoms flowers bloom a tireless balsams perfectly multiply any cuttings is not working from their root they water and land of the miracle but root if you will be seeds propagated in You have the option get a brand breathtaking colors now there and orange and white and two-color and Terry and what Only there is another
  • 08:38: opportunity here Impatiens it all here is a habitual choice Mitschek correct it It called here top name Impatiens Waller and if you sow New Zealand Impatiens is a great big rich flowers bright paint and here such bushes in selling costs crazy money you You will be on 250 300 rubles per one here This flowering bush Give if you sow
  • 09:08: we will get free seedlings very beautiful colors and again the New Zealand, too, bloom throughout summer's plants are all without exception like this viola or pansies see also how exciting grades can be purchase by mail if you do not near good Store to give it the same here's colors completely different and
  • 09:38: with wavy sources petals and towel but different-different-different viola is very simple grow a passion for planting in the ground it's somewhere June July August may even It is a month since you then it will allow time space in the garden etc. but in this case of naturally These plants bloom Only in the second year If you sow in January is blooming You get in the bushes May and again from you and
  • 10:08: Trostyanets and these cute Prices and eyes will all summer bloom Well, we had a direct separate video I even show how we sow with you and Celia snow and put on stratification fridge see how they will behave until Th you here they're not ochuhivaetsya can I have It took a further 100 Racine verbena that's about the pure verbena that's what I can tell
  • 10:38: and the Council and in January and to sow but it rises a long time is not very developing together slowly and that's me are very good gardeners are still very We have long advised not to hurry verbena sit in January such recommendation is also in literature and but in the Internet when actually in power in March she can fine grow there more light less trouble with it and that's it
  • 11:09: just here plants that not necessary brand network January, there is the fact it's over another three months January to March developing embryo in These seeds here such verbena feature so March according to this It is more successful and other so now here it means there is also a dolphin recommendations tits winter and network it with stratification and
  • 11:41: stratification even be under the snow that is, it freezing but dear friends here it's not quite corresponds to reality if the minus temperatures processed seeds here They delphinium not keep their I do not accidentally paint there's different took bags with pink and krasochki of white out purple it in such bright blue if
  • 12:11: only freezing will already the likelihood that pink color remain very very high therefore if you spend with fication the desk Only in the refrigerator low positive temperatures this is the syllable perennial we also have a separate the video was about how to plant Phlox and conduct stratification very just you sow in ploshechku and under snow all until the spring it all
  • 12:41: forget the spring focus either on windowsill or already right away in the greenhouse there they put you includes servants mixture perennial all very good it turns phlox multiply beautiful cuttings and but dividing the bush if you require a large number of planting material also has sense to propagate This seed is still here if you just itching do not need you this here numerous
  • 13:11: seedlings which We have to fly off to potter watch out for watering dosvechivat and so further network please what that greens just to window to please yourself these very delicate leaves with the wonderful fresh greenery fine rises sleeves perfectly germinate watercress it can even sow not on the ground but in general on cotton pads can be sow gel
  • 13:41: it's watercress yes that is here is here everything is fine grow up and yet I I want to say in own greens and winter here without supplementary lighting is not even try to grow dill say it so photophilous without plant supplementary lighting on a book on Article get hilenky Physics and almost without any rules and glasses even if one lamp you pay day light on it set is not enough you that is here
  • 14:12: Dill is not necessary to sow winter rest greens well it can of course It is not so strong in the street but it will be fragrant and this PM that is their will fall except that I will Now I am showing here I have called this plant as heliotrope very beautiful and very fragrant what obtained inflorescence bright purple heliotrope develop too a very long time because
  • 14:42: that his seedlings and expensive to markets and buy say a few bushes to all did well to get here some beautiful a bouquet in his flowerbed or their border bream height to it you can put break the bank if you sow heliotrope at the seedlings Naturally it all will be free pleasure absolutely right get the smell from he vanilla say is candy or are still
  • 15:13: is settled expression is, he it smells of cherry pie I plant another breakdown I will tell you will introduce at the same time our magazine here a magical garden of his can be written popochki can be Nizhny Novgorod buy we are in other cities also can be purchased in kiosks and Rospechat here an article about how to grow cineraria seed that's cineraria Now she is a hybrid top pictures
  • 15:45: all you fine seen in stores such bright bushes also very long pour it on too extinguish January so please Now here we are here details There are still some the plant is running not tuberous begonias It can be grown from seed Again, one tuber You should compartment 50 rubles you if it is to sow slug get right at least there March 5
  • 16:16: bushes where these peas literally here's the piece Cups sold yet at least it is still is cheaper yes troublesome but how nice when it's Now baby literality pelenochki grown and you get blooming bush rejoice all years this blossoming grow tuberous begonias it is necessary to sow as much as possible before because of sowing date depends value to the tuber which will grow the club
  • 16:46: in the future it also affect It will be as storage of tubers easier to grow the run not always blooming also a lot of it with her all kinds of varieties and green leaves and red leaves flowers white and pink red scarlet there sorts and it plant again planted like this big amount you will give you in the garden feel richly blooming garden
  • 17:17: planted and you curbs stick it in Planted pots around there their club and this is not him will delight you All throughout the summer more advise lobelia I did not sow in January advises Gone because I ate in March well my lobelia EC was grown here is a plant with which do not need messing with since January, well then Here we have I some plants and who missed
  • 17:47: You can and should be a network January, in general, I I told you about the nuances that need to be comply with this it necessarily candles her January liabilities and shine We need there literally until the end of March because and that in March we It is very light a little but you will pleased that the grown independently from These are the seeds
  • 18:17: wonderful flowers fitosvetilniki for supplementary lighting of seedlings home colors quality garden pruners and saws hacksaw automatically vents as well as to warm up big choice biological products for treatment and fertilizer the plants look in online store white alley