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  • 00:00: hello in this sequence of points We are already here on the third career of differentiated points with the same for clarinha You can tell that income is beginning to get very stretched so the idea is to change the little box We have now completed the third career putting on a bigger penny to increase past the point consequently the income will become a bit loose but easy to
  • 00:30: work and in that sequence people You can put three dots in each of the lans guesses and the result will look pretty good then I'll raise the width of the taquara line probably around 8 to 10 millimeters which is between 3 and 5 So let's raise a little apple to
  • 01:00: stay an income a little more stove It's fine, and she does not have this risk. to be taken We changed our plans instead of five careers we did three and now we Let's put the longest and also three dots in each of the adins replacing the Water tap
  • 01:30: put inside a on the sardine to stay on hold we now continue with three dots and will have a good effect different beautiful during the sequence of points along the income let's combine careers let's do to see the logical result now
  • 02:02: it's three dots, it takes a little bit more each career and will also spend a little more than line I like to put enough line in the needle and I'm working a little bit calmly unrolling the line when she gets very winded shot from needle also loose the three dots
  • 02:32: calm down to pick up the first not even small dots amount This career is over, we'll go
  • 03:41: back to the narrowest end ok because work will stay with the point Closer, more delicate if we had started from the I started this income with this income would have a uniformity We are using this table in this career just to make a change
  • 04:11: then back collar thin taquarinha and this career will stand out more long forget to put a dot
  • 04:49: dismantling I mean if you put a little bit more cutting always leaves with three to forget to put that point and advance a career forget to make the point and you already as the body two or three sequences You have to go back to not give much
  • 05:21: difference in motorcycle dismantle dots you did and do that point you forgot the uniformity You can let go when you get too
  • 06:13: full marks that also sign the points started getting in shape arriving here at the end of this
  • 08:07: first career if you want to continue a taquari
  • 08:40: there is who I'm going to change back to put the tail closer to do one last point from here after that the narrow line I chose a little rascal
  • 09:34: to sequence now the rent takes longer because in each of these little balls we have to make the dot the result is not very funny also without the risk of her being on the balcony let's continue with a point
  • 10:07: simple a simple question without multiply specks in the same lassad but we can create a further sequence of double dots or trios are going to make the knot pipoquinha amarradinho where we pick up all points at once as if it were this sequence here would learn all
  • 10:37: poles but let's go ahead and make a career while 10 per speck of Simple as income grows cool do so because you do not have so a ready-made model is creating your will
  • 11:09: there is no point in all you put bridge jana and took the first consignment of dots on the needle to see how it goes stay are medium length videos of more
  • 11:50: it is necessary for those who want to learn it's no use jumping around doing too much 20 the course without explaining right If you've already gotten the first explanations goes on go ahead because you will succeed do I have here a little blip for
  • 13:22: people see how it is I do not know how to look good, it 's all right a kind of henrique pineapple What is finishing this sequence?
  • 14:11: of dots taking advantage of this little bit line here